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The Paleo diet ensures that we continue to eat how we were meant to. Basically, Paleo food includes anything that could be hunted or gathered such as fresh animal meats, nuts, berries and fruits, with the exclusion of grains and dairy. By definition, Paleo dieting is a high-protein, high-fat, low-carb form of eating. But like anything else, the Paleo diet involves myths that many people think are completely true.

Let’s dispel the top 5 Paleo diet myths:

1. It’s a protein overload.

The recent criticism of a high protein diet was caused by a study examining the danger of protein toxicity; it claimed a potential risk of kidney problems caused by the difficulty of converting the extra protein into energy. However, the truth is that you won’t have any problems unless you already have a pre-existing condition – as it’s been recently proven.

2. Saturated fat is bad.

Most people believe that saturated fat will give you heart disease; just keep in mind that not all fat is created equal. Paleo eating revolves around healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados, macadamia oil, etc. A 2012 published analysis in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded no direct correlation between saturated fat and heart disease. It was tracked for an average of 14 years and it involved 350,000 people.

3. Healthy diets require whole grains.

A lot of nutritionists disregard the Paleo diet because it prohibits the consumption of whole grains. But the reality is, that all forms of meat, vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and even dairy products are more nutrient dense than whole grains. Humans were fine without grains for two million years.

4. Lack of dairy means lack of calcium.

Of course we all need calcium for strong bones and teeth, but no one said we needed to get it from a cow. Nearly all plant sources contain calcium as do nuts and fish. This s a huge benefit as these forms of calcium are better absorbed by the body.

5. The Paleo diet is just a low-carb diet.

The truth of the matter is that we’ve been on a Paleo diet since the beginning of mankind’s existence. Only until recently have we introduced highly refined foods into our diets. They are packed with sugar, saturated fat, flower and mixed oils. The diet is only lower in carbs as result of eating nutrient-dense foods that are naturally satiating. Furthermore, your nutrition is based on food quality and not quantity, so you’ll never go hungry otherwise.

It’s important to note that the Paleo diet has already been scientifically validated as a safe approach to nutrition. It can also deliver almost immediate results, especially if you’re trying to get in shape. And lastly, if you’re still in doubt, just keep in mind that the Paleo diet has been the longest lasting diet in history.


James Christopher, Creative Writer



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