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December 19, 2009
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Just because you are eating a Paleo Diet, doesn’t mean you have to give up desserts! In fact ,Paleo desserts are delicious. There are many variations of today’s classics. If you have a craving for chocolate, consider making a batch of Paleo brownie bites: They are delicious and they don’t require baking.

During the holidays you don’t have to go without desserts. There are recipes for “peanut” butter truffles (granted these don’t actually use peanuts since that would be against the Paleo diet, but you can make variations using sunflower seeds.) Paleo desserts can be a huge success at holiday parties.

Paleo cookies

If you want something like your mom use to make, consider making a batch of Paleo chocolate chip cookies. The key to this is switching out the regular white flour and using almond flour instead. If you want more of a twist than the normal chocolate chip, you can consider yet another variation: bacon chocolate chip. You can add nuts and dried fruit to your cookies if you wish. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Paleo cookies.

Paleo dessert ideas

As temperatures rise, you may have a craving for something that will help you cool off! The good news is that Paleo desserts are not limited when it comes to the world of ice cream. The key is using full fat coconut milk. It adds richness to this dessert that is like no other ice cream you have ever had. You can buy coconut milk ice cream or make your own.

Think you can’t have your cake and it eat too on the Paleo diet? Think again! Simply replace coconut flour with white flour and steer clear of refined sugar, and you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to delicious dessert. You can even make a homemade Nutella pie that is Paleo-style. Also consider lemon bars, brownie bites, and apple tarts. How about some fig pinwheels or homemade Paleo Oreos? There are so many recipes that are available online to help you satisfy your sweet tooth. You truly won’t believe that there are so many tempting options.

While the Paleo diet does not encourage the consumption of sweets, it’s perfectly fine to indulge in your sweet tooth every now and then. It’s better to give in to your sweet cravings a little than to fully ignore them. The reality is you can still live a Paleo lifestyle but you don’t have to give up everything you enjoy. It is all about moderation!

James Christopher, Creative Writer

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