How to Satisfy Your Tooth the Paleo Way

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December 31, 2009
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If you love sweets, don’t worry you are not alone. This is because many people would love to have a sweet or a dessert at the end of the meal or after a long day. But can you have desserts and sweets when you are living a Paleo lifestyle? Yes, you can. It is very common when you are living a Paleo lifestyle to feel deprived and hungry in the beginning. However, if you plan carefully you are likely to curb that sweet tooth with Paleo-friendly desserts that can satisfy you.

Eat fruit

While eating food in large quantities is not recommended in Paleo diet, it is actually nutritious. Fruits can help you satisfy the cravings for things such as sweets or desserts. Some of the best choices include a mixture of berries such as strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Apart from these, another good fruit is the apple because it provides much-needed fiber and nutrition. These are great to take along when camping.

Chew Xylitol gum

This is a naturally sweetened gum which is great for keeping your teeth healthy and free from decay. While this gum can be a little bit expensive, it is healthier than the normal gums. Remember, regular gum is full of cavity-causing sugar and is not healthy for you. You can usually find the gum in your local health store. This means you should stock up if you have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied.

Eat coconut chocolate

Coconut chocolate can also be used to satisfy your sweet tooth. Also, chocolate is more advantageous because it is gluten free and nut free. With only 1 teaspoon of honey, the sugar content is much lower than the bought ones. You can actually enjoy this better-for-you chocolate in a number of ways such as when chopped or on its own.

Sip tea

When you are craving for something sweet but do not want all that extra calories, tea is one of the best options. Some of great choices of tea include peppermint tea, spearmint or mix tea. This tea will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also make you mentally alert. Another great tea to consider is yerba tea. If you are looking for an even sweeter tea, you can add a little honey. However, you should not overdo it so that you can keep your tea Paleo-friendly and remain low in calories.

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