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The Paleo diet, also commonly called the Caveman diet, has grown in popularity in recent years. The premise behind the diet is that you eat only the foods eaten like the early hunter-gatherers. These nutritional guidelines may seem restrictive for some, but many people firmly stand behind this dietary plan. The main question on most people’s mind is how healthy the diet actually is in the long-term.

Dietary restrictions

Because this diet restricts processed foods, refined sugar, legumes, dairy, and grains, you’re going to be getting a lot fewer preservatives and added sugars in your diet. This is one of the huge benefits of the diet. Processed foods are typically low in natural nutrients and have potential health risks with their high amount of additives and preservatives. Added sugars are also a major contributor to weight gain, and giving up sugar-sweetened desserts and drinks decreases your risk of developing chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Many grain products are also highly processed, so giving up white breads and grain-based desserts can improve your overall health naturally.

Protein sources

The Paleo diet contains a moderate amount of calories from protein. It recommends eating mostly grass-fed and organic varieties of meat which limit your exposure to pesticides and antibiotics. You have the option of eating a wide range of meats including fish, beef, and pork as well as many others. These protein sources provide a wide range of nutrients including B-vitamins and iron. Since this diet recommends avoiding processed meats, you’ll be getting more overall nutrients and high-quality protein in your meat sources.

Fresh foods recommended

Because the Paleo diet recommends eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, this diet is very healthy. The average person’s diet doesn’t contain the recommended amounts of these fresh foods, but on the Paleo diet, they’ll be staple food groups. Fruits and vegetables are high in healthy carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, disease-fighting phytonutrients, and heart-healthy fiber. Many people have an adjustment period by switching out processed foods to more fresh fruits and vegetables, but they will notice a huge change in their overall health over time. By emphasizing the importance of these foods, the Paleo diet is an extremely healthy diet to follow.

Incorporating exercise

While many people think of the Paleo diet as being food-focused, it encompasses every aspect of a healthy lifestyle by encouraging regular exercise. The Paleo diet recommends re-shaping your attitudes about food to think of food as fuel, and choosing foods that are going to give you energy for your daily tasks. If you take the entire Paleo diet and lifestyle plan to heart, you’ll not only change your diet, but also improve you attitudes towards food and exercise. The holistic approach is one of the reasons why the Paleo diet is highly ranked by experts. With this diet, you can improve your health, have more energy on a daily basis, and decrease your risk of developing chronic health conditions in the long run.

James Christopher, Creative Writer


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