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January 3, 2000
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The Paleo diet involves a list of foods that were eaten by the early humans. The diet focuses on eating non-toxic foods which have high nutrient content that nourishes the body. It doesn’t just focus on the foods we presume were eaten by our ancestors but our modern science knowledge is incorporated to inform the foods choices. The Paleo diet is not considered to be a weight loss diet although some people might end up losing some pounds in the process. It is believed that for optimal health, we should consume whole unprocessed foods which are not harmful to our bodies.

Here is a list of some foods to avoid on the Paleo diet:

Junk food- These are quick snacks that are designed to tantalize our taste buds. They contain chemicals made in laboratories that are unhealthy. Normally they are highly salted or sweetened using industrial syrups.

Grains- Grains are to be avoided in this diet. This means for example, wheat and all its products are not to be consumed unlike in today’s normal diets were wheat is always in our diets. Research has shown that most people who avoid foods made of wheat have better digestion, feel more energetic and even end up losing weight.

Fast Food- In these busy times we live in, fast food joints are the very common. The young generation is largely affected as they consume a lot of burgers and fries which is to be entirely avoided on the Paleo diet.

Dairy products- Dairy products that are in our markets are not to be included in this diet. They include; cheese, butter, ice cream, frozen butter, yoghurt, pudding, skim milk, powdered milk, cream cheese, cottage cheese and milk. This is because they have gone through processing which makes them unnatural.

Legumes- They are one of the foods that are difficult to avoid and would be considered fit for a Paleo diet, which is not the case. They include; Fava beans, green beans, garbanzo beans, black beans, peas, lentils, soya beans, peanuts, peanut butter and red beans. They contain phytic acid which is considered to be an antinutrient. The acid causes the nutrients you consume from other foods not to be properly absorbed in the body.

Pseudo grains- They are food items that function like grains but are quite not grains causing lots of confusion.Some of them are Quinoa,amaranth and buckwheat.

Soft drinks- Today’s sodas, energy drinks and juices have artificial ingredients like unnatural flavors, sweeteners and boosters that are not fit for the human body. They have no nutritional value at all. It is believed that they are liked to conditions like cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Please note that freshly prepared juices are not included in this list since they are nutritious and unprocessed.

This list points out the most and common offenders of Paleo diet. It can be a difficult task to avoid these kinds of foods that are so common in our daily lives but with determination and focus, you can achieve your goal in this diet. The main reason that people follow the Paleo diet is because it eliminates consumption of all the foods with toxic substances that are harmful to the body. It’s all about quality and staying healthy.
James Christopher, Creative Writer

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