Board of Directors

James Christopher
James ChristopherPresident & Chairman of the Board
James is the President and Chairman of the American Paleo Association and the founder of GoPaleo. James has been trained in a number of national executive leadership workshops, and he holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences. He brings his extensive experience in grants development, fundraising, strategic planning, resources allocation, personnel management, diversity recruitment, technology integration, branding/marketing, and speaking on the Paleo lifestyle. James embarked on a Paleo lifestyle in 2009. He is an active CrossFit member, water skier and rower. He has a wife, son and daughter who join him outdoor activities and support his Paleo endeavors. His active lifestyle allows him to maintain a happy and healthy life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our Valuable Board Members

Sean McDugall
Sean McDugallVice President
Sean is the Vice President of the American Paleo Association, and he began his Paleo lifestyle journey almost ten years ago as a way to get healthier after recuperating from a serious bicycle accident. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, Sean uses his networking and teaching skills to introduce others to a Paleo lifestyle. Sean is also a licensed massage therapist and he enjoys helping his patients be pain-free. He loves to bike, hike, and swim when he isn’t in the kitchen whipping up a delicious Paleo meal for his wife and two sons.
Whitney Morris-Jones
Whitney Morris-Jones Board Member
Whitney has been involved with Paleo living since 2012. Her interest in a Paleo lifestyle began two years after she lost over 75 pounds by dieting and exercising. Whitney discovered that even though she lost weight, she still felt lethargic and unhealthy. Eating Paleo has made all of the difference in Whitney’s good health. After completing her Master’s in social work, she studied to become a nutritionist. Whitney’s goal is to open a pediatric clinic specializing in childhood obesity. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, and she loves to dance and paint portraits.
Greg Schaefer
Greg Schaefer Board Member
Greg is the co-owner of a health food store as well as an estate planning attorney. He and his wife have been living a Paleo lifestyle since 2008, and he has supported many Paleo nonprofit projects on the west coast. When he’s not working or grilling a Paleo dinner, Greg loves to golf. But his real passion is mountain biking, and he takes camping trips whenever he can. And avid outdoorsman, Greg has a cabin in a lone neck of the woods where he would be happy to retire with his wife! And of course, he would maintain his Paleo lifestyle!
Jeffrey Matthews
Jeffrey Matthews Board Member
Jeffrey joined the GoPaleo Board as a chiropractor, and he has living a Paleo lifestyle for nearly ten years. He attributes his good health to eating Paleo, and he loves to persuade others to live a Paleo lifestyle. Jeffrey is the editor for the GoPaleo newsletter, and he has published many white papers on Paleo living and chiropractic care. When he’s not working, Jeffrey is a competitive swimmer and biker. His favorite way to get exercise, however, is through is true passion: CrossFit.
Steven Bilenki
Steven BilenkiBoard Member
Steven is a physician who specializes in congenital heart defects, and his Paleo journey began in 2011. His long hours contributed to his own health issues: he was diagnosed as diabetic when he was just 28. Steven decided that living a Paleo lifestyle was the answer to his health problems, and he was right. Eating Paleo foods allowed him to gain back control of his life so that he could focus on saving lives. Steven enjoys playing tennis, swimming, and skiing. He would love to hike the Pacific Trail as well as the Colorado Trail soon.
Sara Brisbane
Sara Brisbane Board Member
Sara is a certified yoga instructor and plans to open up a yoga studio in her town in the next two years. She began living a Paleo lifestyle three years ago after being a vegan for many years. Sara teaches hot yoga as well as power Vinyasa classes, and she encourages her students to eat clean, no matter if they live a Paleo lifestyle or not. She loves sharing the gift of yoga, and teaching her students the importance of living healthy. Sara has served as Board Member on many nonprofit health and yoga organizations, and loves running with her Great Dane and strength training.