January 31, 2000

How to Raise Your Metabolism

Our Paleolithic ancestors hunted and gathered every day of their lives. They actively found ways to live off of the earth. The lifestyle of Paleo involves […]
January 30, 2000

Quick Paleo Dinner Ideas

What’s great about the Paleo Diet is that you don’t have to spend every extra minute you have in the kitchen. No matter what your schedule […]
January 29, 2000

Paleo On-the-Go

Eating Paleo can be a little bit challenging if you live a very busy life. Throw traveling into the mix and it really feels like your […]
January 29, 2000

Great Paleo Dinners

Dinnertime is probably one of the most chaotic times of your day. You have just gotten through another workday and the last thing you want to […]
January 28, 2000

Can You Eat Dessert on the Paleo Diet?

This question probably ranks number two behind dairy in terms of how often it is asked and how much controversy it generates among the Paleo community. […]
January 25, 2000

Dairy and the Paleo Diet

Is dairy allowed on the Paleo diet? Well, that really depends on who you ask. This is probably one of the most controversial and debated issues […]