February 14, 2000

Planning for a Hike

The Paleo diet involves more than just a focus on a diet that is based on the way cavemen ate. It’s about daily physical exercise, and […]
February 10, 2000

Paleo Dessert Ideas

One of the things people don’t always tell you when you transition to a Paleo diet is that you’re still going to crave desserts. If you […]
February 9, 2000

Paleo Crock-Pot Meals

When you switch from the standard American diet over to the Paleo diet, you’re going to find yourself doing a lot more cooking than you probably […]
February 8, 2000

Paleo Guidelines to Follow

he Paleo diet or also known as the evolutionary diet is a very popular diet that seeks to mimic the eating habits of our prehistoric ancestors […]
February 7, 2000

More Paleo Breakfast Ideas

The Paleo diet is increasingly becoming the most preferred way of eating habit for many people. It is one of the healthiest ways of eating that […]
February 7, 2000

The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Doesn’t a cup of tea sound good right now? Perhaps peppermint tea rejuvenates and refreshes you. Or maybe you like the warmth that you get by […]