December 4, 2000

Why Dairy is Bad for Your Health

Numerous Americans— including a few veggie lovers—still consume a lot of dairy products. The government still endorses dairy products regardless of the exploratory evidence questioning their […]
November 29, 2000

Paleo Beverages

There are more Paleo beverages than just water. Although water is
November 19, 2000

Quick and Delicious Paleo Snacks

The Paleo diet is constructed from some of the healthiest, most nutritious and tastiest foods there are. If you have changed your lifestyle to revolve around […]
November 19, 2000

How to Decide to Go Paleo

November 4, 2000

Interval Training for Weight Loss

If you’re on the Paleo diet but have been doing the same steady jogs on that treadmill for months now and still haven’t lost weight, it may […]
October 27, 2000

How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth the Paleo Way

If you love sweets, you’re not alone. Many people love to have a dessert or sweet treat at the end of a meal or long day. […]