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Caveman Paleo Diet

Let’s face it: As humans, we love to eat.

Let’s face it: As humans, we love to eat. Unfortunately, over the decades our food has been genetically-modified, laden with unnatural oils and fats, and loaded with sugar. We want to spread the word that you can eat a wide variety of delicious foods and refrain from counting calories. This is where the Paleo lifestyle comes into play. Eating like a caveman can help you to shed pounds and ward off conditions like cancer and heart disease. Exercising like a caveman with sudden spurts of activity followed by periods of rest can increase physical stamina. A true Paleo lifestyle involves vitality and longevity, and the results speak for themselves. The American Paleo Association is here to lead the public to a healthier lifestyle.

Who is the APA?

The American Paleo Association is the dream of one little boy, with the goal of feeding hungry children in the world. Growing children need nourishment that will help them become strong adults. Far too many children are famished in countries all over the globe, including the United States. It is APA’s mission to end world hunger in any way that we can make a difference. We will start locally and grow globally.

What we do.

Our goal is to educate people about the benefits of a Paleo lifestyle through diet and exercise. One question that many have is “How do I distinguish between what is Paleo and what is not?” The American Paleo Association strives to inform people of the proper choices to make in order to live a healthy Paleo lifestyle

How we do it.

Simply put, we are extremely passionate and confident in the successful results of living a Paleo lifestyle. We wish to spread the word about the benefits so that others can live healthy, long lives. And most of all, we do what we do to end world hunger and needless famine.

Paleo Expo

Each year we will be having a Paleo Conference and Expo in the heart of North Carolina. Concord, NC is just 20 minute ride from the Charlotte Douglas Airport. Charlotte Douglas is a hub for USAir and with 500 flights daily we are sure you can find one to fit your schedule.

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