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January 4, 2000
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January 6, 2000

Exercise is very important when you’re on the Paleo diet, and a decent regime that you can stick with requires a lot of effort. But what if you’re a busy mom with kids running around that require your attention and care? How can you fit in workouts? Check out the following tips:

Safety first

Use a workout that will require little or no equipment, this is because the lack of equipment lessens the risk of your child or children getting hurt as you exercise. Your own body can be your best exercise equipment as well as the use of a resistance band which can take the place of free weights. A resistance band is harmless even when handled by a child.

Get your children involved

It’s a great idea to your kids involved in your exercise routine, Try to incorporate more kid friendly exercises in your exercise regime and you will achieve your exercise goal as well as give your children or child quality time. A good example of a kid-friendly workout is yoga. You can show your kids to do beginner poses. Another great activity for kids is walking on a trail.

Take advantage of technology

Incorporate the use of video game systems to exercise as well as keep the kids entertained .Video game systems like the Wii Fit Plus have games that are fitness oriented as well as options to track any progress and also help you develop your own routine.

Keep them busy

If your children get bored, try looking for an activity which they can do on their own. Once you find an activity that they enjoy, set everything up for them, sit with them and have fun together. The secret with this plan is not to leave them alone at first but get involved with their activity before you leave. Once you realize that they are fully concentrating on the activity, praise them for their good behavior, then step away to your exercise routine. This will enable you to be able to do a quick exercise when the kids are still busy.

Change your schedule

If it becomes impossible to exercise when the kids are awake, schedule your exercise regimes for when they are asleep. You can choose to do the exercises early in the morning before they wake up, during their nap time, or late at night when they are asleep. The advantage with this type of workout schedule is that the time you exercise will be solely dedicated to your exercise regime and will have no distractions.
James Christopher, Creative Writer