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March 8, 2000
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March 10, 2000

The last thing you want to do when you get home from work is figure out what you to eat and then prepare it! Today’s busy lifestyle is a big reason why many people fail to eat right. It takes time to plan dinners for the week, especially if you have a family. But that’s the key- you have to plan ahead. This all applies whether or not you are living a Paleo lifestyle.

When you’re on the Paleo diet, dinner doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming! Just remember that hasty decisions while you’re on your way home could be detrimental to your diet that day. It’s easier said than done, we know!

So what’s for Paleo dinner? Here are some tips to making a healthy Paleo meal that you and your family will love:

Plan the menu ahead

Don’t wait until that evening to decide what to make! You’ll be tired and hungry, and you won’t feel like putting together a menu in your head. Before the week starts, make a list of what you’ll have for dinner every day. Shop accordingly and make sure you have everything that you’ll need on hand. You can even cook cuts of meat ahead of time during the weekend so that you have meat all week for dinners.

Always include a salad

This should be a general rule for pretty much every meal that you eat. Greens mixed with some cherry tomatoes and onions tossed with some olive oil makes a great accompaniment to your dinner. And it’s super healthy to eat greens with every meal because it’s good for digestion. Plus, they help you burn more calories.

Crock-pot it

On the Paleo diet, your Crock-pot is your best friend! There is nothing simpler than throwing everything into one pot, turning it on, and leaving. And then as soon as you walk in the door that evening, your home will be filled with delicious dinner smells! You can make all kinds of Paleo-friendly meals in your Crock-pot. Plus, they make great leftovers!

Eat light

Remember that dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. You don’t want your stomach full of undigested food right before you go to bed. Dinner is not the time to splurge on carbs while you’re on the Paleo diet. Some chicken, turkey, or fish alongside some steamed or roasted veggies makes a perfectly light Paleo dinner.
James Christopher, Creative Writer