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February 27, 2000
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Paleo diet refers to an ancient feeding regime that existed before the rise of modern agriculture. It involved using wild plants and animal protein for nutrition and sustenance.

Paleolithic era diets had waned in popularity owing to the influence of modern agricultural era on production. But an alarming rise in lifestyle related illnesses, such as obesity and diabetes, at the turn of the 21st century saw more people opt to using Paleo diets as an alternative remedy to degenerative illnesses. In fact, Paleo diets had the highest Google searches 2013 for weight loss remedies. What has made it so popular?

Paleo diets have evolved over time. In Paleolithic age, this diet for the caveman was a composition of natural plants and animal protein. The diet consisted of lean meat, wild fruits, unsalted vegetables, and other foods that were low in animal fat and plant carbohydrate.

Characteristics of the Paleo diet

Eaten raw: Most of the foods were eaten in their natural form; as a result of which vital nutrients such as vitamins were absorbed into the body.

Lower calorie meals: Vegetables and wild proteins had lower carbohydrates levels. This helped moderate calorie intakes into the body. More so, dairy products didn’t exist.

More protein: The wild meat was the source of protein. And since wild animals mainly fed on grass, they had furnished the body with proteins essential in developing body tissues and muscles.

Forager diet: Wild fruits and vegetables from the wild nourished the body with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

The rise and influence of modern agriculture on eating

Advent of modern agriculture caused a great shift on lifestyle and types of foods eaten. Some of the more visible changes included:

-Invention of whole grain cereals.
-Cooking of raw food was adapted.
-Domestication of animals which brought about dairy products.
-Food salting was introduced.
-Advent of Agricultural revolution introduced food processing.
-Canned foods that mainly comprised of proteins and carbohydrates.
-Domesticated animals were fed on grains increasing animal fat content in their meat.
-Large farming made it possible for food storage. People turned from hunters and gatherers to a settled society.

Paleo foods have soared in popularity in recent years. The fact that Paleo foods have lower fat content, less salt, and fewer carbohydrates makes them a favorite dieting option by many people. In addition, the Paleo diet emphasizes on consumption of more proteins, fibers and unsaturated fats. The ability to lose weight without necessarily having to observe an extreme eating and exercise schedule makes the Paleo diet popular.

Modern day Paleo diets put more emphasis on foods that are essential and beneficial to the body. In contrast to those foods rich in carbohydrates, and which lead to fat build up in the body, Paleo foods help the body to develop leaner muscles and get rid of toxic substance. As a result, the body becomes healthier, leaner, and stronger.
James Christopher, Creative Writer