What is the Paleo Lifestyle All About?

Want to Live a Paleo Lifestyle? Here’s How!
December 9, 2009
Foods to Avoid on the Paleo Diet
December 9, 2009

It seems like almost daily we are introduced to some new diet plan, pill or shake that is the miracle cure for our desperate need to lose weight. Many people simply jump from one fad to the next and never achieve any real measure of success. The reality is that the only real way to sustain weight loss and have the body you really want is through exercise and a change in diet that is realistic and works.

This is where the Paleo lifestyle has been extremely effective for a large number of people.
The Paleo diet does not involve buying some type of pre-packaged food that is overpriced and quite frankly does not taste very good. On top of that, most of these plans leave you feeling hungry the vast majority of the time.

Paleo derives from the belief that foods that occurs naturally on earth are those we are designed to eat and are the best for our bodies. If you think back to the earliest times, cavemen were almost always lean because they did not have access to the processed food we eat today. Unlike other diet plans, Paleo allows you to eat a wide variety of foods and is not focused on things like carb counting.

What type of food can you eat on a Paleo diet?

  • Meat – Grass fed only preferred.
  • Fowl – chicken, duck, hen, turkey.
  • Natural oils like olive, coconut and avocado.
  • Eggs – Omega-3 enriched are preferred.
  • Fish – Those caught in the wild as farm raised fish tend to have higher levels of mercury and other toxins.
  • Vegetables – Eat all you want but, lay off the fried vegetables obviously.
  • Fruits – When trying to lose weight you will want to limit some fruits as they tend to be higher in calories but, fruits are essential.
  • Nuts – Great for snacks but, you don’t want to eat tons of them.

The great thing about the Paleo diet is that it does not put huge restrictions on the amount of food you eat. This is because the food you are eating is healthy and with the few exceptions noted above, it is low in carbs and calories. This forces the body to burn fat and you will lose weight. You can eat meals of any type at any time to fit your life style and make sure you are not hungry as long as what you are eating fits within the recommended Paleo foods.

Don’t forget exercise!

Any diet that does not recommend you exercise should be avoided because there simply is no way you can lose and maintain weight loss as well as a healthy body without exercise. You don’t have to be a gym rat! Try walking for 20-30 minutes a day and add more if you want as you go. Try living a Paleo lifestyle for 30 days and see how you feel. You will notice the weight coming off and you will feel much better!


James Christopher, Creative Writer