What is the Caveman Certified Board?


The Caveman Certified Board is an online board of members that sole responsibility is to confirm if a food or food product is 100% Paleo.  This is done through a simple form that will be email to each board member.  The form lists the food product that a vendor is looking to have Caveman Certified.  The process takes no more than 30 seconds to complete.


A sample form would be the following:

Enter your unique ID :

Is the above product or food 100% Paleo?  Answer Yes or No

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We get in products that may have 1 ingredient, ie: 100% Grass Fed Angus Beef

We then could have a product that would have multiple ingredients, ie: Grass-fed beef, organic dried cranberries (organic cranberries, organic evaporated sugar, organic sunflower oil), uncured bacon (no nitrates or nitrites added except those naturally occurring in celery powder) (pork, water, salt, turbinado sugar, celery powder), organic raw sunflower seeds (unsalted), organic virgin coconut oil, organic black pepper, organic coconut sugar, celery powder, lactic acid (not from milk).

If the board is not 100% unanimous we will be given an opportunity to discuss via email and if an agreement is not concluded that product would not be certifiable.


The board is a diverse group of men and women.  We are always looking to include and grow our board to ensure that all products are adhered to the highest standards of the Paleo Community.

To apply to be a Board Member please click here:  Application for Caveman Certified Board