Want to Live a Paleo Lifestyle? Here’s How!

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December 8, 2009
What is the Paleo Lifestyle All About?
December 9, 2009

A Paleo lifestyle refers to diet and exercise that mimics the lifestyle of the caveman. The Paleo lifestyle proponents explain that insufficient time has passed for human beings to adapt to the changes that have been brought up by farming and technology, and this is why there is a difference between the modern man lifestyle and the caveman lifestyle. The motivation of the modern man to adapt a Paleo lifestyle is to promote health and fitness, thereby avoiding common diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Regular exercise

Exercising regularly but with differences in intensity and duration of exercises is best recommended rather than doing the same gym routines all the time. Exercise moderately by keeping the training sessions short and doing them several days in a week. Perform a variety of complex exercises that uses the whole body such as walking, climbing, jumping, carrying, and throwing rather than artificially-tiring exercises that focus on certain muscles of the body. This is the foundation of Paleo exercise and movement.

Paleo diet

The diet should be high in natural animal protein and low to moderate in carbohydrates, as well as moderate in animal fat. Saturated fats such as natural butter and coconuts are highly recommended for a better Paleo lifestyle. Duck fat and beef tallow are best if they are from a healthy animal. Avocado oil and extra virgin olive oils are good fats for use with salads but not a good choice for cooking.

Animal proteins include pork, eggs, poultry, and fish. Learning to cook with bones to make savory stocks is also a great way of living a Paleo lifestyle. A large intake of fresh vegetables cooked or raw and served with fat is also recommended. Eating more fruits with low sugar level such as berries and Granny Smith apples is highly recommended for the Paleo diet.

Keeping contact with nature

Going hunting and gathering, planting crops, working, and maintaining animals such as cattle and poultry enable you to be in contact with nature. Planting flowers in and around your home is also recommended for a Paleo lifestyle so that you can keep in contact with nature.

Basking and exposing yourself to the sun regularly prevents you from going into depression and exposes your body to vitamin D from sunlight. Contact with dirt such as soil that contains beneficial bacteria which strengthens your immunity. Allergies can be prevented by eating lots of fermented foods on the Paleo diet. Spending quality time playing and relaxing relieves stress from work.

As you can see, adapting a simple lifestyle is the best way of living a Paleo lifestyle. A Paleo lifestyle can reduce stress and depression, and it can also increase your general body health and happiness for years to come.


James Christopher, Creative Writer