The Health Benefits of Eating Paleo

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Everyone who chooses the Paleo diet does so for their own reasons,whether it’s looking for a path to better health, improved athletic performance or weight loss. All of them are valid reasons, but somewhere along the line almost everyone notices some other benefits they weren’t expecting. Sometimes it is a simple as just feeling better, having more energy, and glowing skin.

The Paleo diet is very much a personal journey and when asked “what are the health benefits of eating Paleo?” sometimes you find yourself at a loss as to how to begin to list them all. Paleo is a lifestyle change, and most who switch stay with it for a lifetime. It ceases to be about losing 10 pounds or training for the next fitness competition, it becomes about being your best self. Let’s look at some of the most common health benefits.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is probably the most common reason people turn to Paleo in the first place and it works. I would put Paleo up against any diet out there particularly in terms of losing weight while staying healthy and not suffering from deprivation or hunger.

Let’s be clear, exercise should be part of any healthy lifestyle our bodies are designed to move, but even with limited exercise simply switching to Paleo results in your body reverting to a more natural height/weight ratio. Weight loss is sustained and consistent.

Reduced Toxins

The standard American diet is filled with processed foods, all of which are filled with chemical additives and preservatives, make no mistake these toxins build up in your body over time causing all kinds of health issues, namely inflammation. Eliminating them from your diet is the first step in purging them and leading to better health

Improved Energy

Ever sat at your desk at work around 3pm and just wished you could be home napping or grabbed an energy drink to get through the rest of the day? Your diet is the reason you feel that way, it sucks. Eating a diet full of refined carbs, sugars and too much caffeine causes spikes in insulin and energy. Along with spikes come crashes, it is time to get off the energy roller coaster.

Reduced Risk of Developing Diabetes

Obesity has become an epidemic and Type II diabetes goes hand in hand with diabetes, diabetes isn’t the only problem, if you have also been struggling to lose weight insulin resistance may be an issue. Switching to a Paleo diet can help reverse the symptoms of diabetes, eliminating grains and sugars stops the insulin spikes and resistance.

The Paleo diet has gone up against other diets in scientific studies and has surpassed all of them when it came to measuring factors such as blood sugar and waist circumference.

How Long Until You Feel the Benefits?

Depending on your diet prior to starting Paleo really determined how quickly you start feeling results. If coffee and donuts are what sustained you throughout the day, there is going to be an adjustment period. Most experts recommend trying Paleo for at least 30 days, at this point you can see measurable results not just on the scale but in things like cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and of course weight.
James Christopher, Creative Writer