Paleo-Friendly Brunch Dishes
March 7, 2000
Easy Paleo Food
March 8, 2000

These shifts have had a great impact on our lifestyles today. According to World Health Organization, 65% of the world’s population is overweight. Half of these are obese. These can be attributed to the following factors:

Excess consumption of carbohydrates: Grains and dairy products, the chunk of our daily meals, are high in carbohydrates. The excess of it is kept in the body as fats.

People move less: Large scale production and storage has limited movements in search of foods. Less calories are burned in a day.

Cooking kills essential food components: It actually lowers nutrient levels in cooked food. A cooked tomato, for instance, has lower vitamin c than when in raw form.

Salting Causes health issues: Though salt play a vital role in body fluids and the nervous system, advocates of healthy living attribute high blood pressure to excessive salt consumption in sensitive individuals.

There is little variation on daily consumptions: There is hardly any a tuber or nuts in most of modern meals. Wild meat, which is far healthier than domesticated one, is even harder to come by. This deprives the body of important nutrients.

Rise of junk and processed food: Processing of food such as bread, milk and rice results to foods rich in sugar contents. Fast foods, such as pizza, all add to body fat.
James Christopher, Creative Writer