The Amazing Health Benefits of Cruciferous Vegetables

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December 4, 2000
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The Amazing Health Benefits of Cruciferous VegetablesCruciferous vegetables are well known as being unfavorable foods to eat. However, research has shown that veggies from this family are extremely beneficial to your health. From carcinogen fighting abilities, to high vitamin and protein content – these are super foods that your body desperately needs in its diet.

Just what are cruciferous vegetables? You may know them better as things like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and – everyone’s favorite – Brussels sprouts. They are known as cruciferous because the four petals that make up their flowers resemble a cross.

Now, what about these health benefits? Over the past decade, a mountain of research has been coming out proving the amazing health benefits for consumers of these somewhat off tasting and bizarre looking vegetables. Those who eat higher amount of cruciferous vegetables are shown to have lower rates of cancer. Cruciferous veggies have things known as glucosinolates which researchers believe are converted into various compounds that your body uses to fight cancer.

Packed with vitamins

This family of vegetables is absolutely loaded with important vitamins and nutrients that your body craves like vitamins A, C and K along with high amounts of fiber and folic acids. Back to Vitamin K – that alone is a health wonder being linked to stronger bones, healthy hearts and cancer fighting. Evidence suggests that the high amounts of vitamin K are a big supplier of the health benefits derived from these vegetables. Additionally, the high concentrations of vitamins help cruciferous vegetables to function as antioxidants, which further lower the risk of developing cancer.

High in protein

To the surprise of many, cruciferous veggies are also quite high in protein. Your body needs protein because it acts as a building block for basically everything in your body. Most people assume they need a lot of meat to get sufficient protein, but adding a few ounces of cruciferous vegetables to your diet will add a significant amount of protein. Less meat and more vegetables is never a bad idea. As any body builder would surely attest to, protein is necessary for anyone trying to build muscle mass. Diets high in protein also lead to weight loss by reducing belly fat and lowering calorie intake.

Many people are born with a natural distaste for these vegetables, but the increasing amount of studies is showing that it is worth going out of your way to incorporate some broccoli or cabbage into your diet. The health benefits far outweigh anything else. Add some cheese, butter or whatever sauce you desire and your body will thank you later on. Hopefully this information will help you see cruciferous vegetables in a slightly different light!
James Christopher, Creative Writer