Start Your Day with a Paleo Breakfast

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January 4, 2000
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January 7, 2000

A typical breakfast on a Standard American diet relies heavily on grains, with staples like toast, cereal, pancakes, bagels and muffins, none of which fit into the Paleo diet plan, it can leave you wondering what to have for breakfast. If you’re new to the Paleo diet or have been on it for years you may still be scrambling with what to make for breakfast. So once you have jumped off the carbohydrate bandwagon it is time for some fresh Paleo breakfast ideas.

Eggs are Your Friend

It’s time to take another look at eggs, they are an extremely versatile breakfast staple. Low carb and there are endless options when cooking eggs, from good old fashioned over easy eggs, omelets or some simple scrambled egg whites and everything in between. Rich in protein eggs can be combined with almost any mixture of vegetables into an omelet or frittata. There’s nothing stopping you from having a little meat with breakfast, and eggs with bacon or sausage is not out of the question.

Start the Day with a Smoothie

If you are not a fan of a big heavy meal for breakfast, or maybe you don’t have the time in the morning but you still need energy to get through the day. It might be easier to throw some fruit and veggies into a blender with some ice and make yourself a smoothie instead. You can mix some fresh fruit with almond or coconut milk and throw in some frozen berries such as blueberries or raspberries to get that smoothie texture. Another option is the green smoothie, made with a combination of leafy greens like spinach or kale and you can add avocado, cucumber and a little bit of ginger, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals to kick start the day.

Think Outside the Breakfast Box

There is nothing that says you have to have “breakfast food” for breakfast. As long as it is healthy and within the guidelines of the Paleo diet there is nothing stopping you from having salad for breakfast. While salad may not be your preferred breakfast meal with a little prep work the night before some hash browns made from sweet potatoes. A platter of fruit and cheese may sound more like an appetizer or party favor but it is perfectly acceptable for breakfast too. If you enjoy something for lunch or supper there is no reason you can’t have it for breakfast too.

Baking the Paleo Way

If you still want muffins, cereal, and oatmeal in the morning you can learn to make them the Paleo way. There are lots of recipes available for grain free options of your favorite dishes using Paleo diet approved alternatives to wheat flours and oats. You can make pancakes using bananas and oatmeal that has been made with coconut instead of rolled oats. You can still enjoy breakfast staples without having all the carbs.

There is nothing set in stone about what you can have for breakfast you can be as creative or as traditional as you like. Make sure you have you some fruit or vegetables and a source of protein and you will have enough energy to start your day.
James Christopher, Creative Writer