Start Your Day the Paleo Way
March 4, 2000
What Should You Eat on the Paleo Diet?
March 5, 2000

Diets are overrated, and that is fact most professionals will agree upon. Most of them are harder than most people think they are worth. And a large number of diets simply do not work.

This is where the Paleo diet comes into play, a dieting scheme that is more than one doctor’s attempt at writing their name in history by crafting a life-changing nutritional mechanism. Made popular by author Loren Cordain, the Paleo diet is nearly irrefutable with regards to its efficacy and the rationale of its capabilities. 

The Paleo diet is also called the caveman diet because it advocates the consumption of those very foods that man’s distant ancestors used to consume. Science will tell you that earlier versions of mankind did not suffer from obesity. This had a lot to do with their diets, which were free of processed food items and grains. It stands to reason that a nutritional diet that once proved to be complimentary to the lives of an entire species would prove equally beneficial to their descendants.

Here are some compelling reasons to utilize the Paleo diet:

The Paleo diet is a great source of protein. This lifestyle encourages the consumption of foods such as fish and nuts, which are rich in proteins. Protein not only aids in weight loss, it also will help to maintain a high metabolic rate even while preventing loss of muscle mass.

If you want to maintain your blood sugar at a steady and healthy level, then the Paleo diet is for you. Most diets tend to fail in this arena, usually eliciting an unstable fluctuation of blood sugar levels, leading to crashes, which in turn point desperate individuals towards simple carbs and grains to raise their energy levels. The Paleo diet is designed to prevent such mishaps. Any carbohydrates consumed are acquired from items such as fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed foods all together. This prevents fat gain even while availing the body plenty of energy.

The Paleo diet might be the only nutritional mechanism on offer that not only cuts calorie intake but still affords the body enough energy to maintain intense physical activities. And that is the problem with most weight loss diets. They place so much emphasis on cutting calories and carbohydrate consumption that the body is left with little energy to perform necessary exercises. The Paleo diet is all about balance and will allow the body to obtain carbs but only through healthy avenues and in moderate amounts, leaving the body fit and energized to perform physical activities.

The Paleo diet wouldn’t be much of a diet if it didn’t aid in the shedding of excess weight, and it does so in an effective manner, reducing calorie consumption and increasing the body’s metabolic rate and hence its ability to burn fat while avoiding the harsh tools of many crash diets.

The reason Paleo is so effective for those individuals that utilize it is because it is less of a diet and more of a lifestyle that offers benefits that cannot be matched by any other diet around today.