Is the Paleo Diet Right for You?
February 3, 2000
Can Diabetics Go on the Paleo Diet?
February 6, 2000

The Paleo diet refers to the diet that our ancestors used to consume thousands of years ago. It’s assumed that back then, caveman used to eat meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. This is because they had neither agriculture nor industries. They had no processed foods, farmed grains and cereals, dairy products, refined sugars, etc. It’s believed that our bodies had to evolve over the years so as to become tolerant to the diets that were introduced by both agricultural and industrial revolutions. Despite the efforts made by the human body to process the unfamiliar modern diets, there are still a lot of unresolved issues. The consequences of these issues result to unfit bodies and poor health.

Nutritionists encourage people to revert to Paleo diets. Paleo diet is one of the most popular diets that are known for providing a wide range of benefits to the human body. Whether you are struggling with weight loss or any other body fitness struggle, below are several reasons why you should try the Paleo diet.

Best for Weight Loss and Healing Metabolism

People who are on weight loss programs should concentrate much on Paleo diets. Studies indicate that Paleo diets are on top of the list with regard to weight loss enhancing diets. A Paleo diet comprises of several food groups with more “feeling-up” effects per calorie. You eat less and yet not causing starvation to your body. This results in balanced body metabolism.

Reduced Diabetic Risks

In order to avoid diabetes, simply stay away from foods with high glycemic Index (GI) values. Refined sugars, grains, cereals, etc. are some of those high GI foods. The Paleo diet, on the other hand, contains low GI foods. Your blood sugar levels will remain stable.

Peace in the Digestive System

The human digestive system was initially designed to process raw or basic food structures. The Paleo diet contains food groups that are high in fiber and close to being raw. There will be no burden to your digestive system organism if you adopt a Paleolithic diet. Your digestive system organs will remain strong.

Fewer Adverse Reactions and Food Allergies

People who are intolerant to all foods that contain lactose are advised to try Paleo diets. Similarly, if you are allergic to some foods such as wheat, corn, nuts, gluten, or soy, it’s time to try he Paleo diet. Most food allergies are caused by inadequate absorption of certain nutrients from your food. The Paleo diet doesn’t contain any of those allergic or body-reactive foods. It’s is capable of eliminating these allergies by giving your body a break from allergic foods.

Easy to Follow and Maintain

Most people fail in their weight loss campaigns because they don’t follow their strict diet plans. In fact, some of those diet plans are annoying and inconveniencing such that you can easily forgo them. That is not the case with Paleo diet. The Paleolithic lifestyle is easy to live because the guidelines are straight forward.
James Christopher, Creative Writer