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November 18, 2009
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First, it helps to be in relatively good shape before you even consider hiking a 14er . Even though some of the 14er hikes are not technical, extremely long, very steep, or especially tricky, you want to make sure that your body and mind are ready. Make sure you have no medical problems, especially cardiopulmonary or muscular issues that could affect your ability to hike a considerable distance and to be outside in potentially inclement weather for an indefinite number hours.

Make sure as well that you prepare by hiking regularly around your area at the highest elevation you can find the higher and more challenging, the better because the air is rare at fourteen thousand feet. Work up to it if you have to. If you live at a lower elevation, it is prudent to arrive near the base of your 14er destination a couple of days ahead of time in order to begin to acclimate to the higher altitude. You need to be able to prepare for it well and make sure that you have the necessary training to go on it.

Among the first things you need to know is what kind of trail you will be going to. If you are a beginner and have never done this before, set out on a simple hiking trail which you can reach in about an hour or two because you still have not really tested your limits when it comes to hiking.

Get some strength training done: It would be good to hit the gym weeks before your hiking adventure. You better build some muscles and make your bones stronger because you will be doing a lot of walking and perhaps some climbing too as you go on a hike. You have to make sure your legs will not end up cramping and that your bones are well enough to support your weight throughout the hike.

Gather food supplies: If you are going out as one big group, it would be best if you can just assign someone to bring a specific type of food item. This would ensure that you can also eat well even while on the camp site. But to be on the safe side, aside from what has been assigned to you, you might as well bring some extra canned food. This way, you can be sure that you won’t be short on food supplies in case of an emergency. Just make sure you don’t bring items that can easily perish.

Assign a trail leader: While on the trail, you cannot expect to lead each other. There should at least be someone to specifically be assigned for directions to make sure all of you stay on the right track. Assign that role to someone so that the others can focus on other things as well.

Prepare your gear: Hiking means being with nature. By this we mean roughing it up. You need to prepare to face just a vast wilderness ahead of you so you better prepare your things. This would include your tent and sleeping accessories, your personal effects, and a small emergency kit that you can use. It would be best to prepare this way ahead of time so that you would not end up cramming items at the last minute. If you cram, you might end up forgetting some really important things.
James Christopher, Creative Writer