Paleo Sweeteners: Too Good to be True?

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October 7, 2009
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October 24, 2009

The Paleo Diet has become a well-known program over the last few years. The idea that many of today’s ailments have come from improper nutrition is fundamental, and this diet is focused on nourishing our bodies the way hunter-gatherers did. Living a Paleo lifestyle is all about a healthier body and mindset. But healthy can be sweet, and there are many Paleo sweeteners that will satisfy your taste buds. Through this article, we will learn about satisfying our sweet tooth responsibly.

It’s not sugar that is bad per se, but the sweeteners that are processed are usually over consumed. Natural sweeteners have proven to be less damaging to our bodies, and they taste delicious! So yes, sugar is fine to consume if you don’t have an issue such as diabetes. While we are learning about sweeteners, consider how much each sweetener will affect our blood sugar. This is called a glycemic load and can help us gauge just how sweet the ingredient is. We will compare each of the items mentioned below with a food at the same level, so read on.

Healthy tribes all over the world have eaten our first sweetener: honey. Honey is rich, and tastes great alone and in our meals. Many recipes actually rely on honey as a main flavor. A couple of delicious recipes are honey muffins, and honey ice cream. Honey isn’t just sweet, but also offers health benefits. It is considered to be low on the glycemic load spectrum, and one tablespoon compares to a medium banana.

Stevia is a popular product because it contains no calories, and even no sugar! Yep. The content is comparable to almond butter in that their glycemic load is zero. Stevia does have an aftertaste, so liking it is personal preference. If you do decide to purchase it, be sure to find one without extra ingredients to ensure the nutritional value isn’t diminished.

Paleo pancake recipes become twice as delicious when we add maple syrup. Yes, maple syrup is a great natural sweetener. While a little bit packs a punch, you’d be surprised to learn it has a lower glycemic load than a cup of Cheerios cereal. Like honey, it has a distinct flavor, so enjoy using it to liven up your dishes. Just be careful not to use more than a tablespoon or so. Also in the category of tree sap is coconut sap. Though it isn’t traditional, it’s natural.

While we questioned sweeteners in the beginning, we can see that they are simply misunderstood, and the right ones can be very healthy. They have been used across the world, and come from natural nourishing sources. Understanding our bodies help us to determine what we should be eating. Sweeteners have a lot to do with our blood sugar, and we can compare foods referencing their glycemic load number. Paleo-friendly sweeteners should always be used in moderation, and always enjoyed.
James Christopher, Creative Writer