Great Paleo Dinners
January 29, 2000
Quick Paleo Dinner Ideas
January 30, 2000

Eating Paleo can be a little bit challenging if you live a very busy life. Throw traveling into the mix and it really feels like your home has a revolving door. No matter what schedule you have, with a little bit of planning, you can eat Paleo anywhere, anytime. Our Paleolithic ancestors were always on-the-go, too. Being healthy can indeed be simple, yummy, and not require a lot of time in the kitchen.

Plan ahead if you can

Living the Paleo lifestyle requires a little bit of planning. Create a list of the snacks and meals that you would like to eat each day. Keep things simple. The internet and library are both full of on-the-go snack and meal recipes and cookbooks that you can try. Keep a few extra kitchen tools handy to save time: crock pot (slow cooker), storage bags and containers, meat thermometer, baking sheets, and a kitchen timer. Choose a few hours out of one day of the week to create Paleo snacks and large meals that can carry over for the whole week. Immediately freeze leftovers that you don’t plan to eat for a while. Many Paleo recipes are freezer-friendly.

Snack and stay hydrated

 When you’re out and about all day long, it’s really easy to become dehydrated. Be sure to carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go. Snacking is very much encouraged with Paleo. Going hungry is not encouraged. Keep Paleo-friendly snacks in your car and bag. Raw mixed nuts, sweet potato, beet, or kale chips, and jerky (beef, turkey, for example) are all full of wholesomeness that are easy to eat if you’re stuck in traffic or on an airplane. They also don’t spoil easily.

Restaurants can be Paleo-friendly

It can be overwhelming to know how to stick with Paleo when you have no choice but to eat outside of your home. Steamed veggies, salads with dressing on the side, and gluten-free menus are just a few examples that many restaurants may offer. Call the restaurant ahead of time to ask about their menu. It’s always okay to ask your server for advice about what is in the food that they serve. Some things to avoid: butter, gravies, bread baskets, salad dressings, cheese, food cooked in vegetable oil, beans, and corn. Steakhouses are fantastic places for good lean protein choices.

Mistakes happen

We live in a society where processed food is everywhere. In some places, it’s easier to find a bag of potato chips and a can of pop rather than fresh fruit and veggies. Give yourself a little bit of leeway if you accidentally eat something non-Paleo. There’s a learning curve to the Paleo lifestyle. Give yourself time to adjust.

If you have a moment, search online for Paleo Diet communities. You’ll be able to swap recipes, share advice, and get support for when you’re really stumped with what to eat. Many Paleo Dieters are always on-the-go just like you.
James Christopher, Creative Writer