More Paleo Breakfast Ideas
February 7, 2000
Paleo Crock-Pot Meals
February 9, 2000

he Paleo diet or also known as the evolutionary diet is a very popular diet that seeks to mimic the eating habits of our prehistoric ancestors nearly 40000 years ago. The proponents of this diet argue that before the discovery of agriculture nearly 10000 years ago humans were tall, muscular and lean. Food was often scarce and physical activity was abundant since it was essential for survival. They argue our genes are the same as our ancestors’ and are built for that environment of constant activity. it is thought that the reason for high obesity in our modern societies is precisely because of our environment, where food is abundant and physical activity is practically non-existent. The solution for this problem of obesity is going back to the diet of our ancestors who much stronger and healthier than we are .

Some of the basic guidelines to adhere to when the Paleo diet is concerned include the following; 1. Eating whole foods that are can be killed e.g meat. Eating uncooked foods at least once a day e.g salad.2. Eating a wide variety of foods that would provide lots of nutrients as well as balance out toxins derived from food. Eating slowly and chewing thoroughly. 3. Eat two or three meals a day. many small meals in a day are not allowed. 4. The meals should contain one third raw vegetables and fruit, one third cooked vegetables and one third meat and fish. Get as much nutrition from food as possible, supplements are encouraged

The occasional hunger and fasting is encouraged in this diet (about once or twice a week) where one eats very little or nothing at all. This is recommended because feeling hungry is part of our metabolism and is that way for all animals as well. Fasting improves protein turnover in muscles and insulin sensitivity as well reducing stress causes by oxidants. it also helps the body to age slower as well as increase longevity. Fasting helps in reducing glucose in the body which research has shown fasting helps to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer disease.

Some of the foods to Eat in this diet include; 1.5 g of proteins per kg of body weight daily. Protein is essential in the human body and as such the brain tells the body to keep eating until there is enough of it, that is why lack of protein in food causes obesity. Some of the best sources of good protein rich foods are organic beef, lamb, turkey, chicken and most other poultry birds, fish especially wild fish such as salmon. Fresh fruits are highly encouraged in this diet although at average proportions because some fruits contain lots of sugar. Watermelons and other fruits that contain high levels of antioxidants are encouraged because they increase testosterone levels that is beneficial to both sexes. Nuts such as almonds, pecans and walnuts are highly recommended. Peanuts should be avioded because they are not nuts they are legumes. Cashews and other seeds should also be avoided because they are high in carbohydrates.

A typical lunch in the paleo diet would be eating a big fresh salad topped with prawns, grilled chicken or roast turkey and full of vegetables such as cabbage and green onions. Also Avocado and olive oil as dressing. Another type of lunch you can have is eating two fish tacos with cabbage and fresh salsa and drink water. You can also eat a salad of vegetables, lettuce and plenty of celery, with some chicken or seafood.
James Christopher, Creative Writer