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paleo_breakfast_recipe_egg_rosti_1It is not hard to believe that brunch isn’t the whole reason weekends were invented. Think about Sunday brunch for a second, if you have work, family and are just generally busy like all of us. This is probably the one time you can cook at your leisure. Pancakes, bacon, eggs…All of it just screams comfort food.

Brunch foods are enjoyed by both kids and grownups, after all everybody loves bacon. Most of the traditional foods like bacon and eggs or omelets are all Paleo approved. While you might have to find a new version of French toast and you can still enjoy things like pancakes and eggs Benedict. Here are some excellent Paleo-friendly dishes.

Eggs Benedict

Traditional eggs Benedict are made up an English muffin sliced in half topped with ham then two poached eggs all topped with Hollandaise sauce. Everything is Paleo except for the English muffin and Hollandaise. Hollandaise can be made Paleo by making them with ghee, egg yolks and lemon juice, but for the English muffins there are two options, you can either find a Paleo version of it or simply just skip them altogether.


You probably thought you could never have pancakes again after switching to Paleo, but you can. Instead of using white flour you can make them with mashed bananas and if you’re worried about not being able to enjoy them with maple syrup or some other topping, there are Paleo friendly fruit compotes. High quality maple syrup is Paleo approved it’s a natural substance that has been used for years.

Frittatas and Omelettes

Eggs are Paleo approved served pretty much any way you want to serve them. You can pick and choose the ingredients you add. Anything Paleo is fair game, so that includes bacon or sausage, vegetables and if you eat dairy some grated hard cheese also goes well.


Now both white potatoes and sweet potatoes are technically Paleo friendly, man ate tubers during the Palaeolithic era. Most people do try and limit the amount of starches they eat so if you save them for the once a week you have brunch, that is perfect. Roast either of them the night before then dice and cook them in the morning in some bacon fat…delicious. A perfect side dish to your omelet along with some bacon.

Hot and Cold Cereals

You may miss the convenience of cereal when switching to a Paleo diet and admittedly it’s handy when you have children, but traditional cereals and oatmeal are a list of everything you can’t have while eating Paleo. Don’t despair there are recipes on the internet for tasty Paleo alternatives to both hot and cold cereals that both you and your kids will love.

French Toast

Another treat you thought you were never going to enjoy again, but as it turns out there are lots of recipes for Paleo versions. This one will take a little more work than you’re used to since you will also have to prepare Paleo bread. You may want to save it for really special occasions.

Brunch is one of those times you can relax and enjoy time with family, take your time cooking and just enjoy the day, the meal and the company.
James Christopher, Creative Writer