What is the Paleo Diet?
January 2, 2000
Paleo During Pregnancy
January 3, 2000

Making the decision to follow the guidelines of Paleo comes from advice, research, and time invested. The Paleo Diet is actually a lifestyle, not your usual diet. It’s the original human diet that will require adjustments: which are difficult, especially when first starting out. It’s a lifestyle change that is beneficial for whole health and well-being. It’s not just about losing weight quickly, at all. It’s great for those who need to avoid dairy, gluten, processed sugars, unhealthy fats, high sodium, and dyes. There are a ton of misconceptions and myths out there about Paleo.

It must be the same as the Atkins diet.

There are many differences between Atkins and Paleo. Atkins is a commercial diet that promotes the restriction of carbohydrates, including fruits and veggies. With Paleo, eating plants comes to the forefront of the lifestyle. Another large difference is that you do not eat processed foods at all with Paleo, as opposed to Atkins. You are allowed to eat meats with Paleo, but they are unprocessed meats from pastures and are grass-fed animals. The idea is to eat clean meat that carries tons of protein and nutrients.

You have to eat raw meat with Paleo.

Due to limited tools and resources, it’s probably okay to guess that cavemen cooked with an open flame. But some cavemen ate raw meat. Meat is definitely an important element of Paleo. Raw meat does contain more nutrients compared to cooked meat. But it’s highly encouraged to safely and thoroughly cook meat. Times have changed and that’s alright.

Paleo is too strict.

 In actuality, the Paleo Diet is all about choices: many of them. While there are guidelines to follow, the lifestyle is all about eating clean nutritious food that our ancestors would smile about. This includes skipping grains, legumes, excess sugar (especially table sugar and corn syrup), diary, and processed food. This is why those who need a gluten-free diet benefit from Paleo. Those that must avoid dairy are drawn to Paleo, as well. It’s a bit of a list of restrictions, but that means you are left with a bunch of other options that are basic and very healthy. This includes eating nuts, fruits, veggies, cooking with healthy oils, and eating healthy meat and fish. Once you get comfortable with Paleo, the options are almost endless.

 But cavemen died at early age.

Cavemen died at a much younger age compared to modern people because of the lives they had to live. Today, we have the ability to live in a house, sleep in a bed, and drink clean water. We don’t really have to worry about large predators eating us every day. We don’t live off of the land like we used to. Lives of our ancestors were brutal and extremely challenging. They didn’t die because they ate healthy.
James Christopher, Creative Writer