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February 17, 2000
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The Paleo Diet can fit any busy mom’s lifestyle. With moms constantly on the go each day, it can be tempting to utilize the convenience of the drive-thru window. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice good, wholesome nutrition for empty calories. The Paleo Diet can seem overwhelming when you’re short on time, since it may involve preparing lots of meals and on-the-go snacks from scratch. The great thing is that there is variety and you don’t have to get fancy or go over your grocery budget

The key is to plan ahead

Just a little bit of planning goes a long way. Choose one day out of the week to take care of the grocery shopping and to create a meal plan for the week. You can also choose another day to create meals and snacks. Start with a detailed grocery list of what your essentials are. This may include eggs, a good variety of your favorite meats and fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy oils, such as coconut oil. A well-stocked pantry and fridge makes all the difference. Keep an ongoing list; writing in items you need as you run out.

There are many Paleo Diet recipes available online and at your local library. This will give you the option to try out new recipes and save the ones you like. You can also swap recipes with friends. Make life easier by trying out recipes that are less fussy. Look for recipes that have ingredients which are easy to find at your grocery store. It’s also very helpful and fun to get cooking help from your child, if time allows. Even a young child can help stir a pot, with supervision of course. School-aged children can be helpful with measuring ingredients or calling out ingredients as you mix.

Another way to save time would be to stock up on a few kitchen tools if you don’t already have them. The crockpot/ slow cooker, blender, kitchen timer, meat thermometer, and different sizes of baking sheets are incredibly handy. These tools are also very helpful with creating leftovers and extra batches of recipes.

To save time with the crockpot/ slow cooker method, you may be able to cook meals on the high setting rather than on the low setting. You can make your favorite Paleo-friendly meal and freeze and refrigerate as you see fit. Just be sure to stock up on various-sized freezer bags and glassware for storage. Labeling the dates and names on the outside of your pre-assembled meals and snacks is very helpful, too. Remember, even leftover meals can become snacks.

Too busy for time in the kitchen

The Paleo Diet will involve some kitchen time, but if you’re unable to commit to a day or two of meal planning and prep, keep in mind, there are other options. Some restaurants are now becoming Paleo-friendly. There are also Paleo-based online delivery services that can quickly ship prepackaged meals and snacks to your home.
James Christopher, Creative Writer