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February 8, 2000
Paleo Dessert Ideas
February 10, 2000

Crock-Pot-cookingWhen you switch from the standard American diet over to the Paleo diet, you’re going to find yourself doing a lot more cooking than you probably did before. Because all processed foods are restricted on the Paleo diet, grabbing something from the frozen section of the grocery store is not always an option anymore. Now your meals are made with fresh wholesome ingredients and dining out  is definitely more challenging. It’s time to start cooking!

If you are a busy working mom or dad. finding the extra time to prepare and cook meals sounds a lot easier than it is. Those hours after getting off work, picking up kids, going home and preparing a meal, getting everyone fed, getting homework done, baths and bedtime are the busiest of your day. It’s exhausting!

Making it Work for You

There’s no doubting the health benefits of the Paleo diet, you have more energy and you just feel good. That doesn’t mean there aren’t times when you’re standing in your kitchen and thinking you don’t want to cut another vegetable again as long as you live. In order for you to stick to the diet you have to find tools that work for you and make your life a little bit easier, and one of those tools is a Crock-pot.

The Crock-Pot Rocks

Yes, it does sound like something your grandmother used to make for Sunday dinner, but the were delicious and made with real food. Your Crock-pot is going to be your new best friend that saves you a ton of time and makes healthy Paleo meals convenient again. You can throw dinner in the Crock-pot while making breakfast in the morning and when you come home there is a hot meal waiting for you. It is almost as good as having a personal chef on hand.

Choosing a Crock-Pot

Just like any other kitchen appliance there are a ton of options when picking a Crock-pot, brands, sizes and of course pricing. There are two things to look for when selecting a Crock-pot what the insert is made of and size. Removing toxins from your food is fundamental to the Paleo diet so the last thing you want to do is replace with toxins from your cookware. Look for an insert made of clay that does not have lead or aluminum in the glaze.

The other thing to consider when choosing a Crock-pot is size, try and get the biggest one you can while staying in your budget. You can make really large meals and use them for leftovers or freeze them for later. Once you get the hang of using it, it really will be your new best friend.

I Have My Crock-Pot, Now What Can I Make With It?

When you think of a Crock-pot you think stews or soups but you can also roast whole chickens and cook favorites like pulled pork. There’s a pretty long list of things you can make in your Crock-pot. You can find a ton of recipes online for it and while they may not be strictly Paleo, just adapt the ingredients. The time you save alone is so worth it.
James Christopher, Creative Writer