Can You Eat Chocolate on the Paleo Diet?
February 28, 2000
Why You Should Go Paleo
March 1, 2000

The Paleo diet involves paying close attention to what you eat. It also involves everything you drink. For fans of soda and other sugary drinks, say goodbye to those when you’re living a Paleo lifestyle. Now it’s time to replace those beverages with Paleo-approved beverages that will quench your thirst.

Good ‘ol water

Plain old H2O is a winner when it comes to the best beverage, no matter what diet you are on. Ideally, you should be drinking three liters of water a day (or 3 big Evian bottles). If you do hot yoga or other forms of strenuous exercise, you probably need to drink even more water than that. Drink water even when you’re not thirsty as a general rule of thumb.

Water doesn’t have to be boring. Jazz it up with some sliced lemon, limes, or other fruits. And try different kinds of water, like sparkling water and tonic water. You can always add lemon to make it more interesting. Just drink as much water as you can daily for good digestion, better skin, nice breath, and better vitality.


Many people simply cannot give up their morning cup of joe. And that’s okay! You don’t have to give it up! The key is to drink coffee with no added sugar and maybe a splash of cream. Or, indulge in an espresso or Americano. Whatever you do, stay away from those fancy sugary drinks! They have tons of calories and only a little espresso, which means you will crash in no time flat. So don’t order that mocha java chip frozen drink or that large latte with extra vanilla syrup.


Tea in iced or hot form is a perfectly fine Paleo beverage- as long as you don’t add lots of sugar and cream. Many teas are great all by themselves, like herbals teas and guayusa teas. Plain iced tea with no sugar and some lemon had virtually no calories. But remember not to drink it like water because it has caffeine that could keep you up all night.


Wine is a Paleo acceptable beverage if you limit it to one glass a day. Wine offers antioxidants and health benefits, so drinking a glass of red wine is perfectly fine with your Paleo dinner. Any more than that, and you’re bound to start adding on the calories and sugars. While you can have one glass every day, it may be best to limit it to four or five times a week.
James Christopher, Creative Writer