Kitchen Essentials for the Paleo Diet
March 29, 2000
What Not to Do on the Paleo Diet
March 30, 2000

These days, eating healthy isn’t cheap. This is a sad fact that has affected many households in the last few years. While one might think that junk food would cost more, many times it is way cheaper than wholesome, healthy food. The same is true for prepackaged foods and fast food. While that Budget Gourmet meal or that double cheeseburger might only cost $1, the price you are really paying is your health.

Fruits and veggies have gone up in price substantially recently, and this is especially true for organic produce. Even the fruits and vegetables that have been grown with pesticides and other harmful additives are still somewhat expensive, three organic apples will run you over $1 per apple. This is the case in many grocery stores in the US. If you want to eat produce, you have to choose between moderately expensive products with GMOs and organic items at sky-high prices.

The same is true with meats. Chicken, beef, and other sources of Paleo-approved protein have gone up in price per pound over the past few years. Chicken thighs are almost the same price as chicken breasts. And don’t get us started on the hormones that the non-organic meats have in them.

Paleo: Good for Your Bank Account

It may seem like a lose-lose situation, but the truth is that with careful planning, the Paleo diet does not have to break your budget. The key is to plan ahead, shop smartly during sales, and use coupons whenever you can. And take your time during shopping in order to compare prices and get the best deal. Buy meat in bigger portions and freeze some if you have to. There is nothing wrong with having a freezer full of meat for months. Just packages them so that they won’t get freezer burnt.

Go to farmer’s markets and buy your produce. It will be substantially cheaper and the quality will be even better than the regular grocery store’s produce. Stock up on certain veggies when they are on sale and plan your menu accordingly. Asian markets are also other great places to purchase meats, produce, and other items at discount prices.

When canned meats like oysters, tuna, and salmon are on sale, stock up. You can even purchase many of these items online and have them shipped directly to your door. Buying items in bulk will save you money in the long run. Check what’s on sale beforehand and plan accordingly.

While the Paleo diet isn’t cheap, it certainly will not break your budget if you buy in bulk and shop carefully. Any extra money you spend on your diet will pay off in the form of extra vitality and years to your life!
James Christopher, Creative Writer