Going Natural with Paleo Diet Foods
December 11, 2009
The Paleo Diet on a Budget
December 12, 2009

Changing your lifestyle and habits can be very challenging for many people. This goes for diet changes, too. If you are a person who has trouble making adjustments to your lifestyle, a strict diet may not be for you. But is the Paleo diet easy? Or is it strict?

Well, it’s a fact that diet changes are not easy. But when you eat healthy, whole foods that offer the proper nutrients and protein, cravings for “bad” foods begin to slowly fade away. The key is to be patient and let these changes naturally take place on their own. It may take weeks or months, but you will inevitably see the differences over time. The key is to stay motivated long enough to see the differences and improvements.

Keep in the following guidelines in mind while you’re on the Paleo diet in order to make the lifestyle change as easy as possible:

  • Get rid of all bad food in the entire house. Clean out all of the cupboards, drawers, and other places where you have junk food of any kind. Don’t forget those random candies in your purse or that old bag of Easter candy in the fridge. You don’t want anything lying around that may tempt you when you’re having a sugar craving.
  • Keep the fridge and pantry well-stocked with healthy Paleo options. This way, you have no excuse when comes to planning and cooking your Paleo meals. Also be sure to keep plenty of Paleo-friendly snacks on hand for when hungers strikes between meals.
  • Get plenty of rest. A Paleo lifestyle involves an appropriate amount of sleep. This is usually eight hours of sleep or more. During sleep, your body heals and rejuvenates itself. A good amount of zzz’s also results in age-defying effects that will benefit you for years to come.
  • Get some exercise. You should aim to get out for some exercise at least five days a week. It doesn’t have to involve hardcore cardio or strength training, but you want to work your muscles and get a good workout. Go for a bike ride, a long hike, or swim. Get out and get some sun!
  • Make the commitment for one month. If you commit to the Paleo lifestyle for 30 days, you can begin to develop habits that will become permanent. When you make the change seem like a temporary experiment, the results will get you motivated to keep going. All it takes is one month to see a difference.
  • Keep a journal of your progress. What better way to see your progress than to keep track of it? Every day, write down what you ate, how you moved, and how you felt. You will begin to see patterns that can help you to adjust the Paleo lifestyle according to your specific needs.

Bottom line

The most challenging experiences are many times the most rewarding ones. Change is not easy. This is true whether you want to lose 100 pounds or attain a smaller fitness goal. Stick with the Paleo diet for a month and you will see how it can work for you!


James Christopher, Creative Writer