Improve Your Health by Going Paleo

Paleo Diet Do’s and Don’ts
December 21, 2009
Why You Should Go Paleo
December 22, 2009

A Paleo lifestyle refers to living like our forefathers did in the Stone Age. Did you know that the human body has not adjusted to modern day food? This is mainly because our digestive tract has not evolved a great deal and it is still very similar to the caveman’s. This is why it is very easy for humans to transition back to that lifestyle.

Worldwide, there many people that live a Paleolithic lifestyle. Some modern humans have recently been trying to recreate the Paleolithic lifestyle with a goal of improving health and fitness. It is possible for you to improve your health by going Paleo!

What is the Paleo lifestyle?

A Paleo lifestyle involves a diet rich in fresh foods and vegetables, meat, fish, organic fruit, and nuts. It avoids processed food, sugar, and dairy. It also suggests lots of exercise, including lifting heavy things like the cavemen did. Although they did not have gyms and Zumba DVDs to dance to, they burned a lot of calories looking for food and hunting and gathering. This does not mean that we should abandon our houses and go back to living in caves! It simply means that we should incorporate certain aspects of the lifestyle into our daily lives.

How can the Paleo lifestyle improve your health?

The Paleo diet is able to eradicate a lot of diseases caused by modern day foods. Modern day lifestyle has generated a host of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, metabolic diseases, chronic stress, cancer, depression, and food intolerance. Modern food has also brought about a lot of allergies. This is because processed food has been stripped of all the natural and healthy goodness. It is also laden with preservatives, sugars and carcinogens.

The Paleo diet also makes you look younger and sexier. The diet is able to give you shinier hair, clear skin, and stronger nails. Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and nutrients that make the skin clear and more youthful. The hair and nails normally exhibit the first signs that your body is not ingesting the necessary nutrients. The Paleo diet is a laden with biotin, zinc, and iron that play an important role in improving the hair and nail thickness, length and shine.

The diet is very cost effective. While the Paleo diet keeps you fuller for longer, processed foods keep you craving more and you are likely to keep eating. Processed foods pick up cost from the distribution chain, from the production cost (raw materials, labor, electricity, additives) to distribution cost depending on where you live. The Paleo diet incorporates fruits and veggies fresh from the garden to your plate.
Fish is laden with fatty omega-3 fatty acids, and the Paleo diet results in a healthier brain and an improvement of overall functioning. The proteins and fats found in fish also improve eyesight and heart condition.


James Christopher, Creative Writer