Paleo Camping
March 24, 2000
Kitchen Essentials for the Paleo Diet
March 29, 2000

Have you decided to embark on the Paleo diet? Good for you! You will absolutely love the results and the boundless energy you will have when you live a Paleo lifestyle. The toughest part of the Paleo adventure is starting! Speaking of starting, just how do you start a Paleo diet? Will you have to get rid of everything that is currently in your cupboard? Let’s take a look at some tips on how to start the Paleo diet:

Clean out the fridge and cabinets

The first thing you should do is clean out all of your cabinets and fridge of non-Paleo friendly foods. If you must keep some, eat it right away. The last thing we would want you to do is waste money and throw away perfectly good food. But we are also not suggesting that you pig out and gorge yourself on junk food and carbs in an effort to avoid throwing away food. If you absolutely don’t want to eat it, consider donating it to a food bank.

Stock up on produce and meats

Now that your cupboards and fridge are free of non Paleo foods, it’s time to stock up on veggies, meats, and canned tuna. You can freeze most meats for up to a year as long as they are packaged properly to avoid freezer burn. You can also freeze some veggies as well. Be sure to check out your local farmer’s market for the best deals on produce.

Write down your plans and goals

If you have trouble remembering what you should eat and what you ate, write everything down. Make daily plans of meals according to what you have on hand. Keep track of everything you eat in a journal if you wish. It’s easier to hold yourself accountable when it’s written down in front of you.

In conclusion, we can comfortably say the Paleo diet is a basic and natural diet. Our ancestors used to eat basic and natural foods. Since they were hunters and gatherers, they ate lean meat, fish, fresh fruits, and raw vegetables in all their meals. They didn’t process meat or do farming using fertilizers. In simple terms, their foods had no chemical additives. Natural diets translate to not struggling with things such as cardiovascular ailments, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, etc. It’s possible to attain your ultimate dieting goal with Paleo diet. You just have to start!
James Christopher, Creative Writer