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March 1, 2000
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March 2, 2000

Meat is the main source of protein in the Paleo diet, and it is essential for the normal development of the body. Only good quality meat can give all the vital elements for the proper functioning of the body. Some beef is naturally more tender than others. For example, steak taken from the loin and rib of the cow is more tender than meat taken from the other part. On the other hand, meat chops from the shoulder and leg are more resistant, because these are the parts of a cow use more during the lifetime.

Tips to choose a quality steak

There are several tips to help you buy the best steak. Remember that it is comparatively difficult to find first-class meat. In addition, this kind of exclusive steak will only come with a higher price tag. Generally, meat in a butcher shop is available in three forms: standard, select, and branded. Branded meat is tender and most delicious of all. Steak taken from such meat could be expensive, but the butcher will trim all the exterior fat to make it more tender.

People can prepare a high quality meat in three ways. The first way is to marinate and grill. Another way is to prepare the steak using a pan at a high temperature. The third way is to wrap the meat with bacon and cook it. Those who buy the best boneless steak should cook it carefully. You should avoid overcooking, because this will make the meat lose its natural tenderness.
These days, supermarkets and butcher shops sell quality steak. If you are buying a packed meat, always check the expiration date. Another way to ensure the quality of the steak is to see if it is properly packed; that is, check for signs of leaks. Excessive moisture inside the package is a bad sign, because it indicates that the beef has been warm at some point after being packed.

The best steak is available in a deep red color. Find a piece of meat with a decent marbling of fat over the cuts. In case of doubts, do not forget to talk to your butcher. He will be in a position to answer all the questions regarding the quality of the meat. Generally, they can give some helpful suggestions and the best ways of cooking a steak.

Additionally, you should know where the meat originates from. Get some information about the maturing as well. Never purchase steaks that were not yet matured. Maturing ought to be carried out in any event for two weeks. If not, the meat would not be as tasty.

In conclusion

For the best results, continuously get your meats from a trusted and known butcher. Create a decent association with the butcher. They can help you discover the best steaks for you.


James Christopher, Creative Writer