Can You Eat Dessert on the Paleo Diet?
January 28, 2000
Paleo On-the-Go
January 29, 2000

Dinnertime is probably one of the most chaotic times of your day. You have just gotten through another workday and the last thing you want to do is come home and do more work. But there are hungry mouths to feed including your own, and once again you find yourself looking into the fridge wondering what to make. We have all been there.

Planning, Planning and Yes More Planning

Everybody wants to reduce the chaos around dinnertime and anything to make your life easier and save a bit of time where ever you can get it. The key to that is plan your meals a week in advance. This may be the last thing you want to do on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon but you will appreciate Wednesday while you’re staring into the fridge. Planning meals in advance can make the trip to the grocery store a whole lot easier too, you can get in get what you want and get out. There are even apps that can help you with this that are Paleo friendly.

Keep it Simple

All you really need on your plate is a good healthy protein source like chicken, beef, venison, or seafood. Some vegetables can be as simple as a mixed green salad or you can roast or steam some vegetables. If you’re not getting enough calories then you might want to add some good fats, an olive oil dressing for salad, or some avocado slices on the side.

You can see why meat, potatoes, and an alternate vegetable are such a big part of the standard American diet; it is insanely easy. You can do the same thing only Paleo style. Break out the gourmet meals for special occasions.

BBQ in the Summer and Crock Pot in the Winter

Your grill in the summertime is the greatest thing ever. You can cook your entire meal on it and have no dishes to clean up after. Cooking meat is as easy as slapping it on the grill and occasionally turning it over. You can roast some vegetables right there in tinfoil with a little coconut oil and some herbs for flavor. You can even make Paleo style burgers, using ground beef or venison for the meat and lightly grill some Portabello mushrooms as a replacement for the bun.

When it is too cold to grill, now is time to dig the Crock pot out of the cupboard. You can prepare vegetables in advance and throw them into the crock pot with a cut of meat in the morning. When you get home, a great Paleo dinner is ready.

The Crock pot is super versatile you can make stews, pot roasts and you can even roast a chicken in it. You can roast a chicken on Monday and use the leftovers for a stir fry on Tuesday. If you make large enough dinners in your Crock pot, you’ve got lunch covered the next day too.

A great Paleo dinner can be a simple or as complicated as you want it to be. If you’re a foodie that loves to cook then by all means let your creativity flow. If all you want is something quick and simple, you can have that too.
James Christopher, Creative Writer