Going Natural with Paleo Diet Foods

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December 10, 2009
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December 11, 2009

The idea of taking a step back on our diet has proven to make more sense than processing more industrial foods. Mankind tends to show a great history with a worrying future. Diet is to blame at some point. Most of our species fall from what they ingest. It is clear that ancient men lived on simple diets featured with a handful of fruits and a mouthful of vegetables. And yet they lived for so long. The history has impressed mankind and the majority has realized the importance of going natural and organic. That is where Paleo diet foods come in.

The Paleo diet has drawn a line between “yes foods” and the “no foods.” In lighter terms, the Paleo foods are selected natural and healthy vegetables and grass-fed meat. It has also listed the don’ts in diet for the favor of mankind survival.

Why follow the Paleo diet?

The Paleo diet foods list has a number of natural oils, vegetables, white meat and some other healthy nutrition that assists in maintaining a healthy body system that might bring back the long life spans that mankind used to enjoy in the past. In as much as the idea might be criticized to be old school, it simply applies right. In that, avoiding unhealthy fatty foods and junks that the current generation feasts on, complicated diseases such as obesity and other overweight related problems won’t be an issue anymore. 

The Paleo diet foods are generally adequate to provide the human body with nutrients. They include several meat sources that are perfect for protein and natural fats. Among them are vegetables and fruits that supply the body with enough fiber and vitamins. The list is decorated with some natural fruits.

“Yes” foods list

Let the yes foods be the allowed range of diet, in other words, the food list containing the foods that are encouraged by the Paleo diet. These Paleo diet foods can be sub divided into five major categories as follows:

  • meat
  • fish
  • vegetables and fruits
  • natural fats and oils
  • nuts

In the meat category, the diet has selected only grass-fed meat. They tend to avoid consuming grains in secondary levels. This is because all grain products from white flour, pasta, breads, cakes and such like food products are so unhealthy for human consumption. They are so rich in calories and are responsible for excess fat build up in the body.

For fish, the Paleo diet prefers the consumption of wild fish. In other words, fish from natural lakes are far much better than domestic fish. They are far much healthier and nutritious.

Vegetables are so important to humans. One great benefit of eating vegetables is that, it can be consumed in a good quantity and it easily fills your belly. This assists in reducing the number of times you eat. 

“No” foods list

As mentioned earlier, the foods to be avoided according to the Paleo diet, includes: grains, dairy products, all legumes, factory foods, junks, iodized salts, sugar etc.


James Christopher, Creative Writer