Getting Healthier the Paleo Way

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March 18, 2000
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March 24, 2000

Getting healthier the Paleo way simply means eating unprocessed food just like early man used to. You simply kick out the grain and milk but you embrace meat, fish and vegetables. This is real food made real well. You will be eliminating all the sugars, additives and preservatives instead you get all the rich nutrients that food has to offer.


One common belief about the Paleo diet which is false is that the diet consists of fat and protein only. The truth of the matter is that when you get rid of the unnecessary processed carbohydrates and instead supplement with vegetables, nuts, fruits and healthy fat you will be on the right track. Your gut will definitely become healthier and the rate at which your body absorbs nutrients will be high thanks to the absence of legumes and grains that cause irritation.


Another good reason to eat like our fathers did is because the Paleo diet lowers the gas level produced during digestion. The diet consists of plenty of fiber and if you take enough water and less salt you will suppress the bloating. The flora in the gut will be healthy and this is very important for proper digestion.


Many people today are suffering from one lifestyle disease or another. This is as a result of poor eating habits and thus many are overweight. The Paleo diet aids in losing weight and gaining muscle. You simply have to be active plus the metabolic processes of the body are improved. You will be able to manage stress and sleep well. You will also have adequate fatty acids and Vitamin D to enable the burning of stored fat in the body.


Hyperglycemia is a condition that relates to hunger accompanied by anger, body weakness and lack of concentration. This occurs when your blood sugar levels go down rapidly. Taking meals rich in protein and fat ensure that glucose is released gradually and equally everyday thus the blood sugar level is stable there is no hunger that drives you crazy.

What the doctors say

Well they call it the caveman diet but still they see that this is a diet that helps the body to get leaner. It also keeps heart diseases and diabetes at bay. The best part of it all is that you will not have to be counting calories on the package. The reason is that you will have to cook everything from scratch, nothing is processed or microwaved.

What is not allowed?

When considering the Paleo diet you should be aware of what you will have to say farewell to. First and foremost this is not a diet for vegetarians. Yes vegetarians cannot consume meat, fish or eggs furthermore beans are not allowed. High intake of salt is also discouraged and therefore eating food that is canned is a bad thing. You will definitely spend a lot more when it comes to your grocery bills but look at the big picture, how long did our ancestors live and did they suffer from the kind of lifestyle diseases we have today?
James Christopher, Creative Writer