Protein-Packed Lunches
February 1, 2000
Getting Fit on the Paleo Diet
February 2, 2000

mtBiking1Paleo and fitness do go hand in hand, but not everyone aspires to be a cross fit athlete or a marathon runner. And that’s okay. Using the excuses that you don’t have time to exercise or you don’t like to exercise is not okay. Everybody can slip in thirty minutes a day and it doesn’t have to be all at once, and if you don’t like to exercise then you just haven’t found an exercise you like yet.

Get Outside

Simply walk. A 15 minute walk will get you close to a mile away from home now you don’t have to travel quite that far, or you can circle the block a few times. Getting outside and getting some Vitamin D along with a little cardio will do you a world of good. Throw some of your favorite tunes on your iPod and off you go. Walking is cheap, it is healthy and you can do it anywhere.

Play with the kids. Obesity isn’t just an epidemic among adults; it is a growing concern for kids too. Teach your kids good habits early, and healthy eating like the Paleo diet is a great start but they need exercise too. Get them outside and play some soccer, teach them how to play baseball or any other sport. You can even have an old fashioned game of tag.

Get a bike. A bike is an awesome way to get from one place to another, so park the car and start biking to work. You’ll do yourself, your wallet and the environment a whole lot of good and it beats sitting in traffic.

Leave Your Comfort Zone at the Door

Do you secretly dream of being Chuck Norris or maybe scaling Mount Everest? Okay, you’re probably not going to do either of those things but what you can do is enroll yourself in a martial arts class. There’s a bunch of different varieties with at least one discipline being taught near you. Plenty of fitness centers or recreation centers now have indoor climbing walls. They are fun and safe and an awesome exercise to develop upper body strength.

Dance, Dance, Dance

One of the latest fitness crazes is Zumba, an hour long dance class that’s fun and will have you sweating about two minutes into the class. Maybe ballroom or hip hop is something you want to try instead. All of them will get that heart rate elevated and those leg muscles working.

Whatever activity you decide to pursue, the important thing is to have some fun. The more you enjoy something, the more inclined you are to stick with it. Be prepared to be bad at it, no one is good at anything the first time they try something. Don’t let it stop you! Just have some fun and move your body around.
James Christopher, Creative Writer