Fast and Easy Paleo-Friendly Snacks

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October 28, 2009
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October 30, 2009

The Paleo diet is a lifestyle that is primarily inspired by the kind of diet that people consumed thousands of years ago. Cavemen did not eat unhealthy processed foods or grains in excess. Fruits, meats and vegetables are the main staples of the Paleo diet and those who adhere to this diet say that it promotes a healthier way of life. Dairy products are also prohibited in the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is also more than regular meals with Paleo-approved foods. You can also enjoy quick snacks on the Paleo diet that you and your family can make at home. Here are a few of them:

One idea is to prepare roasted cauliflower florets with herbs and spices. Take one cauliflower and cut it into medium-sized florets. Once you do this you preheat the oven to 350 degrees. On a lined roasting pan drizzled with olive oil, place the cauliflower florets and toss them in cayenne pepper, ground thyme, nutmeg, black pepper, salt and garlic powder. Drizzle additional olive oil over the cauliflower and bake 30 to 40 minutes.

Another neat idea is to prepare homemade roasted trail mix with almonds, cashews, peanuts and pistachios. Add some raisins, dates, dried apples or bananas, dried oranges and a little brown sugar to the mixture. Nuts and fruits contain various nutrients and kids will like the snack too. In addition to this, trail mixes are also filling.

If you’re at work and find it hard to eat out well while on the Paleo diet, you can make a turkey vegetable salad with an olive oil vinaigrette. Some good vegetables to include in the salad include green peppers, roasted garlic pieces, carrots, peas or spinach. This is a great snack for diabetics.

For those trying to stay cool in the summer, make espresso ice cubes to put in your cold water. Just prepare your espresso as usual and then place the espresso inside of two to three ice trays. Let the espresso cubes freeze for about an hour then serve. You can also eat the espresso cubes by themselves as a substitute for store bought popsicles.

Another idea is to buy organic almond butter and serve it with a platter of fresh fruits and vegetables. This works well for a vegetarian-themed party and you can roast the vegetables and fruits to boost flavor. Kids will also enjoy the natural sweetness of the almond butter.

In conclusion, it’s not too hard to find quick Paleo snacks to make if you’re creative and understand your family’s food preferences!
James Christopher, Creative Writer