Eating Paleo During the Holidays
January 14, 2000
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January 16, 2000

Imagine getting to the airport to catch your flight to visit your family over the holidays, and the flight that was supposed to leave at noon is delayed until 6am the next morning. You are surrounded by fast food restaurants and vending machines full of soft drinks and sugary snacks. It’s a Paleo dieter’s nightmare. Eating Paleo on vacation can be done, but it does require some planning and preparation.

Getting There

To start with, getting from point A to point B is the first hurdle, and it doesn’t matter if you’re just grabbing a quick 1 hour flight or it’s a two day road trip. Preparation is still key. Eat a healthy meal before you leave and pack for the trip. If it’s a long road trip then get a good cooler and load it up with Paleo friendly snacks and meals. If you are flying instead throw some snacks in your carry-on, make sure you bring some protein like some jerky or some nuts, some fruit will do in a pinch. Just make sure it is something you don’t have to worry about keeping cold.

If it is a long flight and you’ve run out of snacks and it is time to be served the in flight meal, some less Paleo friendly options may start to look appealing. Remember to stay hydrated because water will help with jet lag and may help you to stave off hunger until you land. Most airline meals will have something that resembles meat and vegetables; just ditch the crackers or the white roll.

Staying With Family

Once you’ve reached your destination, finding Paleo approved food will be a lot easier. If you are staying with friends or family, a little warning goes a long way. Explain calmly that this is what you eat and remember you’re not there to convert anyone, respect their choices as well. Offer to pitch in with groceries and cooking and be ready to explain more than once your food choices. Bear in mind family gatherings are about family and not debating why you don’t want a slice of pumpkin pie.

Surviving the Hotel

When booking hotel rooms try and see if you can get one with kitchen facilities if possible. If not, there are still some ways to make your stay a little more Paleo friendly. While you may not be able to cook the grocery store is still your first stop for food. You can grab fruit and vegetables that store well at room temperature and some have some cooked chickens or other meats at the deli counter.

Eating Out

Dining out is inevitable on any vacation, and finding Paleo friendly restaurants is really not so hard. Any place that serves steak or seafood will be just fine as long as you watch the sides. Skip the baked potato and take a salad instead. Sushi restaurants are not strictly Paleo but eating white rice is not the end of the world. Avoid Italian restaurants as there will be very little on the menu to choose from. Fast food can even be made doable in a pinch, most now have salad options and in the worst case scenario you can grab a burger and toss the bun, though this is your very last resort.

Enjoy Your Vacation

Even with all the planning in the world something unexpected will pop up. Don’t worry too much about it! This is your vacation so kick back and enjoy yourself even if you’re not 100 percent Paleo.
James Christopher, Creative Writer