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November 30, 2009
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December 1, 2009

Dried Fruits on a Paleo DietDried fruits are delicious, but are they Paleo-friendly? We have the answer, and it’s not just a simple yes or no! Read on to find out if dried fruit complements a Paleo lifestyle.

Dried fruit such as peaches, raisins, prunes, apples, pears, and others do not contain more sugar than fresh fruit like some people may think. When dried fruit is dehydrated, most of the water is removed but the sugar content remains the same. The problem is that when fruit is dried, it has less volume. So it’s easier to eat say, ten raisins than ten grapes because they are smaller.

This is why dried fruit is good for you, but can pack on the calories if you’re not careful. On the Paleo diet, fruit is approved but in small quantities because of the sugar content. Fruits that are dried are perfect for certain activities. Dried fruits are very convenient when you are going on a long hike or bike ride or you are going camping. They are easy to carry and won’t get squished in your backpack like fresh fruits will. Plus, they are easy to eat and give you wonderful energy for long hikes. You can also add dried fruits to nuts to make your very own trail mix.

If your goal is to shed some weight, you probably should avoid eating dried fruit as snacks because of their carb and sugar content. Even if you work out, consuming too many calories in the form of foods such as dried fruits can really hinder your weight loss efforts. And dried fruits are so delicious, it’s not hard to find yourself eating them like candy!

So, are dried fruits Paleo-friendly? Yes, if you eat them in moderation on hikes or before workouts.
James Christopher, Creative Writer