Don’t Make These Paleo Diet Mistakes

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January 19, 2000
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January 19, 2000

The typical Paleo diet aims to eliminate processed foods and sugars from the average eating plan, and instead seeking out those food items that one’s human ancestors would have consumed thousands of years ago. There are various benefits to undertaking a Paleo diet. It is the sort of lifestyle change that will not only prove beneficial in fighting excess weight but also augment the body’s health.

Purposing to eliminate foods known for negatively impacting human health in favor of complimentary eating habits, Paleo diets are typically less restrictive than the average dieting plan. They are often considered to be a much easier means of achieving a healthy physical form than the popular weight loss schemes that pervade today’s market.

A Paleo diet is less of a short term eating plan designed to aid in the loss of weight and more of a healthy lifestyle that must be undertaken with a determination to stay the course. Newcomers to the Paleo world are often falling to prey to a number of common mistakes many of which can render the effects of the Paleo diet ineffective. These are some Paleo diet mistakes that should be avoided:

There is a tendency for dieters to overestimate the efficacy of a Paleo lifestyle; the dieting scheme isn’t designed to deliver results over night and those that eventually discard the Paleo lifestyle altogether often do so as a result of irrational expectations such as this. To not only lose weight effectively but to experience a drastic impact upon one’s health will require time and a devotion to the way of Paleo.

Often receiving less attention is the dangerous role fruit can play in ruining one’s progress with their Paleo diet; most dieting schemes will require individuals to include fruit amongst their daily eating habits. And while Paleo is no different in this arena, many dieters stumble when they increase their fruit in-take to astronomical levels. Not all fruits that are fresh and natural are ideal for the body, with the sugar content of many fruit items proving so dangerous that Paleo dieters will often increase their blood sugar levels to unhealthy levels. And while the Paleo diet might encourage the consumption of nuts, as with fruits, the overindulgence of certain nuts, many of them boasting a rich content of calories, can prove dangerous.

The key is balance and not all dieters understand the concept. It is possible to indulge in a Paleo diet and gain weight, as a result of failing to pay close attention to the importance of portion control. No matter the diet in question, calories will play an important in the results you can expect to achieve. There is no diet that allows individuals to eat whatever healthy foods they want, no matter the size of the portions, without consequences.

If the majority of dieters were honest though, they would admit to their greatest fear being discouragement; most dieters can expect to slip up once in a while, succumb to their temptations and indulge in a few unhealthy meals. It is the belief that a single small slip up excuses an individual to go all the way and binge that is the primary problem. After all, if you have already fallen, what is the harm in going all the way, right? Well, not quite. Even the largest slip up is nothing more than an opportunity to start over and correct one’s mistakes. And a failure to realize this has ruined many a Paleo diet, with individuals slowly but surely slipping out of a dieting schedule they worked so hard to establish.
James Christopher, Creative Writer