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November 24, 2009
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Dining Out Paleo StyleHad a busy day and don’t feel like whipping up a Paleo meal? Go out to eat! Don’t worry—there are many Paleo-friendly choices when dining out. The key is to plan ahead and choose a restaurant that fits your Paleo needs and has many delicious options.

While some restaurants and eateries are better than others when it comes to making Paleo choices, you can modify items at any establishment to be Paleo-friendly. For instance, if your friends insist on a burger joint for lunch, you can get rid of the bun and load up on tomato, onions and pickles for your hamburger. The key is to be smart, even when your stomach is growling from all of that shopping!

Here are some quick tips to help you dine out Paleo style:

Look at the menu ahead of time

Many restaurants have menus online that you can browse before you go out for a meal. This makes planning your Paleo meal a lot easier and convenient. Most online menus will also include nutritional information so that you know exactly what you are eating.

Modify, modify!

Don’t be afraid to change a menu item to make it more Paleo-friendly. It’s your meal and you are entitled to modify it accordingly, so get rid of those potatoes or that bun and swap them for Paleo-friendly choices like fruit or lettuce leaves. Veggies are always a good swap too!

Just a salad

If the menu is looking very Paleo-unfriendly, you can always order just a side salad or two. Ask for the dressing on the side or just use olive oil and vinegar. Some extra tomato wedges or cucumbers are always a good idea too.

Great restaurant types with Paleo food choices when you’re dining out

Sushi restaurant- Sashimi is a great Paleo option, as is seaweed salad. Rice is small quantities is okay if you just have to get your favorite hand roll.

Steakhouse- Paleo options are no problem here! Meat and veggies, coming right up! Just don’t hit up the bread basket.

Breakfast establishment- Eggs, bacon and sausage…Oh my! Take away the toast and potatoes, add some fruit, and you’re good to go.

Seafood restaurant- Steamed shrimp, grilled fish, and sautéed scallops are fine Paleo choices. Just watch the sauces and butter!

If you’re going out to eat with a large group and you don’t have a choice as to where to eat, don’t worry! You can make smart Paleo choices by modifying and substituting items in your order. But what if everyone wants fast food and you are starving? This is where the side salad and bunless hamburger become your best friends! Just make do with you can where you are, and you’ll be sure to make smart Paleo choices when you’re dining out.
James Christopher, Creative Writer