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February 19, 2000
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February 23, 2000

You’ve heard it many times- breakfast is the most important part of your day. Breakfast is the fuel you to need conquer your hunger and to maintain a healthy body. Children need breakfast for the same reasons adults do. But they are even more sensitive to skipping breakfast: their growing bodies and developing brains need the fuel to concentrate and stay focused at school.

Creating a breakfast can sometimes be a bit more challenging for some on the Paleo Diet. Particularly, if you’re very busy in the mornings and need to get out of the door as fast as possible. But you need not feel stressed out, because planning a really yummy and nutritious Paleo breakfast can actually be quite simple and quick. Just remember that breakfast, like other meals of the day, remain full of whole food nutrition that our early ancestors would agree with. Not every breakfast should have loads of salty bacon piled high on top of more meat. Plants should still be at the forefront of breakfast.

Super quick breakfasts

Every breakfast should be deliciouseven if it only took a minute to create. Having a really good blender allows you to throw in some kale, spinach, fruit (fresh or frozen), ice, avocado, and even a hard-boiled egg. There you have it! A morning smoothie packed with goodness. Not only are smoothies yummy, but they are super quick to make and you can experiment with all kinds of proteins, veggies, and fruit.

Breakfast does not always have to be traditional. Remember that really yummy Paleo sausage casserole you made for dinner last night? How about that huge salad that you made for lunch the day before? Leftovers from any meal are considered Paleo-approved breakfasts. Plus, it’s fun to have dinner for breakfast anyway. Kids get a kick out of it, too.

If you have a few extra minutes

The key to the Paleo lifestyle includes a little bit of planning. Hard-boiling eggs the night before is a huge time saver. Precutting fruits and veggies takes only a few minutes in the afternoon or evening and save so much time in the busy mornings to follow. Simple salads can be thrown together quickly. You can top those with a couple of fried eggs. You can also use those veggies to create an omelet or veggie scramble. Consider breakfast wraps: lettuce filled with bacon, sausage, or smoked salmon, and combined with tomato and grilled veggies.

The slow cooker (or crock pot) is a huge time saver, too. The night before, you can throw in some whisked eggs, sausage (chicken, pork, turkey, or beef), veggies, cubed sweet potato, and seasonings to create a casserole that can feed a large family. It also provides leftovers for another meal or for breakfast the following day. Leftovers can be reheated in a pan and chopped up into a hash.
James Christopher, Creative Writer