Cutting Out Sugar the Paleo Way

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January 1, 2000
What is the Paleo Diet?
January 2, 2000

sugar_2675994bMost of us probably know that sugar should not be a staple of our daily diet. The Paleo diet involves not only eating mostly animal protein, vegetables, fruits, and little carbs but also cutting down on sugars, both natural and processed.

It’s no secret that the typical American diet consists of entirely too much sugar. The problem is that a good amount of the sugar that we consume is actually hidden in what we eat. For instance, jarred pasta sauces, yogurts, soups, and a plethora of other foods have tablespoon after tablespoon of sugar. Some people unknowingly consume a cup of added sugar every day!

Sugar and health problems

Sugar in the diet contributes to a multitude of health problems that are difficult to reverse. In fact, excess sugar in diets is the cause for a nationwide health crisis. So it’s safe to say that something needs to be done about sugar now.

The excessive consumption of sugar leads to health problems like obesity and belly fat, which can in turn lead to heart disease and other issues. Too much sugar has also been linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, digestive problems, and more. You can see how the sweet stuff isn’t so sweet to your body! It spikes your hunger hormones and packs on the pounds.

Cutting sugar

You have the power to make changes and rid your diet of extra and hidden sugars. But how do you start? It may sound easier than what it really is, but with some planning, it’s possible to go clean from sugar.

First of all, don’t attempt to go completely sugar-free right from the get-go. While this may seem like a good idea, it’s best to wean yourself off day by day. It’s all about making smart choices. Next, get rid of all sugar-laden beverages in your fridge. This means no more soda, fruit juice with added sugar, or sweetened ice tea.

Learning how to read labels for hidden sugars is also very helpful in ditching the sweet stuff from your diet. Look for high fructose corn syrup, lactose, maltose, and fruit juice concentrate on the labels of all products from salad dressings to pasta sauces.

Another thing you can do to help your body get used to the sugar clean sweep is to start your day with a breakfast that has a lot of protein. This will keep you fuller longer and keep cravings at bay. Keep yourself satiated all day long so that you don’t feel hungry and have sugar cravings. And when you eat out, be conscious of hidden sugars and make smart choices accordingly.
James Christopher, Creative Writer