Can Vegetarians Follow the Paleo Diet?

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December 20, 2009
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December 21, 2009

The Paleo diet consists of healthy, whole foods that our ancestors used to eat. The evolution of agricultural some 10, 000 years ago led to people moving away from the Paleo diet. Some theories claim the stomach of humans did not evolve to digest these new agricultural foods. One problem the world faces is the shortage of foods that are only produced by humans. Humans must learn to combine both the Paleo diet and vegetables for a sustainable nutrition.

But if meat and fish are the staples of this diet, can vegetarians follow the Paleo diet? Absolutely! They just have to make some modifications. Basically, there is no problem with vegetarians taking the Paleo diet. The discovery of scientific evolution supporting the Paleo diet has gotten many vegetarians developing a keen interest in the diet.

Vegetarians must ask themselves the main reason they are vegetarians. No single individual was born vegetarian or carnivore. People change their diet for specific reasons. For most vegetarians, they consider veggies to be more nutritious and non-toxic to the body. They consider meat to contain toxins and capable of causing some serious harmful health effects. This is true to some extent as some diseases have been associated with intake of meat.

Paleo diet and vegetarianism

The Paleo diet helps the body clear away toxins that accumulate in the body. When you consider that this is one of the reasons for being a vegetarian, there is nothing wrong for vegetarians to eat Paleo. They are both aim to detoxify the body of harmful particles. Paleo supports the intake of whole unprocessed food. These are foods that do not contain any form of addictive or chemicals. There is no addition of sugars and by avoiding any extra junk food in the Paleo diet makes this diet more appealing and healthy. This is what vegetarians also look to avoid, making these diets similar.

Vegetarians try to avoid oils in there foods. The Paleo diet also supports the same. There is no inclusion of unnatural oil products in the diet as these are considered artificial and may contain chemicals in them. Looking at the protein sources of vegetarians, in the Paleo diet will certainly cut their source down. Nuts are a good choice to supplement, and eggs are also a great source of protein.

The bottom line

There is no problem for vegetarians taking Paleo diet as long as they include acceptable forms of protein to keep them satiated. The Paleo diet and vegetarianism can go hand in hand as long as all modifications include the necessary amounts of vitamins, minerals, and protein.


James Christopher, Creative Writer