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January 15, 2000
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January 17, 2000

Are you aware of some of the great benefits of drinking water? This pure and simple beverage is the key to good health and vitality. Want to know why it’s important to quench your thirst with good old H2O? Read on!

Your body is made up of around 60% water

The foundation of the body is water. It controls virtually all aspects of our health. Your brain is more than 75 percent water. Your blood is more than 80 percent water. And your liver is made up of 96 percent water. All signals that are sent through the nervous system normally travel through the nerves. These are basically tiny waterways. When the fluid inside the nerves thickens because of dehydration or being contaminated with some synthetic chemicals and metals such as lead, the signals are going to be distorted.

Both nutrient absorption and proper digestion rely on plenty intake of pure water. Among the benefits of taking plenty of water, this is normally overlooked. We need to drink clean water in order to receive the nutritional value of food we consume. Our energy level is determined by the amount of drinking water we drink. Medical evidence indicates that just 5 percent drop in your bodily fluid may cause 25 to 30 percent loss of energy level in a normal person.

Reasons to drink lots of water

Healthy and natural loss of weight may only happen when you increase intake of pure and healthy water. The liver uses water in order to metabolize fat into functional energy. Drinking enough pure water means that the liver is going to spend more time metabolizing instead of getting rid of harmful toxins often found in tap. 

When you drink plenty of water, you are enabling both your lower and upper intestines to absorb nutrients better during digestion. Basically, food cravings are caused by nutrient deficiencies, and this can be curbed by drinking plenty of pure and healthy water.

Water also helps in detoxification. This is the only means of flushing those toxins and preventing diseases. For those exposed to many chemicals and toxins, drinking plenty of water every day is quite important. It makes the body to purify itself.

The key to keeping the skin moist, soft, and supple is drinking plenty of water. The best way to moisturize the skin is taking plenty of water. You may also inhibit the aging process of your skin by drinking lots of water.

Drinking lots of water regularly is also beneficial in prevention as well as significant reduction of a number of common illnesses like back pain, headaches, ulcers, hypertension, asthma, fatigue, morning sickness, and hangovers. Water is also considered a natural healer. Regular regeneration of the skin, nails, hair, bones, organ lining, damaged nerves, and other natural body functions all rely on healthy taking of pure water.

In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits you can get taking plenty of drinking water. One of the best things that you can do for your health is to drink plenty of water.
James Christopher, Creative Writer