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gheeHeard about ghee but not sure what it is or how it can benefit your Paleo lifestyle? Ghee is a healthy component in Indian food that has been used for many years for recipes and health benefits. But is it Paleo-friendly? We’ll explore what ghee is, how it is used, and the benefits that it offers those living a Paleo lifestyle:

Ghee is essentially clarified butter. The sugars, water, and milk proteins are removed as well as the impurities. Ghee is great for those who are living a Paleo lifestyle because it offers nutrition as well as wonderful taste to dishes and foods. Ghee was used in ancient India as a healing and nutrition food and additive. It was considered to be part of a healthy diet, and you can use ghee today and experience same benefits.

Since there is no water or no milk solids in ghee, it can be stored without refrigeration and on the shelf for a very long time. Ghee is has a great taste because it offers butter’s essence. It contains fatty acids such as Omega-9 that are wonderful for skin and vitality. While it is a fat, it is healthy fat the promotes healing and good health. Other health benefits of using ghee in recipes are improved digestion, better skin, improved vitality, and more energy. It is also beneficial in treating joint pain and promoting good eye health.

As far as cooking goes, ghee is considered to be a premium oil for cooking, and it has a very high flash point that is perfect for cooking with high temps. Ghee is perfect for absorbing the flavor of spices, and it is used to bring deep flavor into food. It has a rich flavor that goes a long way, and many renowned chefs swear by the use of ghee in their recipes.
James Christopher, Creative Writer